DFX : Windows Media Player Plugin for Audio Enhancement

Plugins are enhancements which help to improve the performance of your Windows Media Player. Ever try DFX?

Just searching around controls of WMP, I got to learn about DFX on the official Microsoft Windows Media Player plugins page.

DFX enhances your listening experience with features such as ambience, stereo imaging, 3-D surround sound, dynamic gain boosting, hyperbass, and headphone optimization designed to make audio at any bit rate on any computer sound best. DFX audio enhancement claims to improves the sound quality of MP3, Windows Media, Internet radio, and other music files.

I installed it and just pressing the plugin “Power” button on, surely does enhance the music. But unfortunately you can get the maximum effect only by moving the bars to maximum for ambience, fidelity, hyperbass etc… and for that you need to upgrade. Their DFX master pack works for several other media players too like Winamp, Real Player, Musicmatch Jukebox…

But I am happy with my feature limited DFX enhanced windows media player music. What has been your experience? Do you use other audio quality enhancers?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I did use DFX for WMP but I think its time to move on. I think Izotope OzoneMP is the best utility. Try it out..

  2. fahad says:

    it was nice experince using media playert 11.

  3. bryan says:

    this is nice

  4. Gyanguru says:

    yes media player 11 is a cool app

  5. maqsood says:

    this is very good

  6. David says:

    After adding Dfx to my wmp 11 plugins at initally recieve this message”media foundation pipeline exe has stopped working”. After that it appears and I restart the program the player appears to play but I hear no sound.

  7. vijay says:

    .this plugin is very nice. sound is excellent.

  8. MOUNISH says:


  9. Via says:

    Dfx really does enhance your sound but unless you pay for it, it reloads itself at every song change. This is a waste of resources, as well as annoying, as it pops up for you to adjust it’s settings every time. I like dfx, but I’m not going to use it anymore for this reason. I’m looking into Izotope OzoneMP as an alternative

  10. andy says:

    easy to use and sound is excellent.

  11. sanjeev says:

    As David said after adding Dfx 9 plugins to my windows media player 11, the media player crashed showing the same error message. I have been looking for workarounds but still haven’t been successful, all i can do now is disable plugins and run the windows media player.

    Has anyone found any solution? will be glad if they shared..


  12. sanjeev says:

    By the way i don’t promote piracy (don’t give me no crap)..if u guys want to get ur hands on full version why don’t u visit and search for dfx with keygen..but before extracting files make sure ur antivirus (especially norton) is turned off until the keygen is extracted and the files are and some other antivirus identify keygens as trojans..i dunno why..

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