Yahoo! Email for Kids: Add Children to Yahoo Family Account

Need an email account for your children? While I was figuring out how to get a free Yahoo email account for my young kid, I stumbled across the need to create a Yahoo Family Account.

Yahoo! Family Account: Email for Kids/Children

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Since many years, Family Accounts allows a parent or legal guardian to give consent before their child creates an account with Yahoo. A child is someone under the age of 13.

The parent must register and create their own Yahoo! account, or have a previous email account. In addition they require the parent’s name and credit card information. The credit card will not be charged or stored but is required for real-time verification purposes only and as evidence that parental consent was received.

Check out the Yahoo! Registration page to register your child. But do not forget to use blocking and filtering software for kids and teach them safety online. In addition the Family resource centre has some good resources for safe online communication and safe surfing. I would like to hear your comments if you gifted your child an email account?

Child Email Account Limitations Update

2019 Update: Yahoo now clearly highlights that there are child and family account limitations. For example new accounts can only be created for children aged 13-17 years and new accounts cannot be created for children under 13 years. This is more like Facebook policy not allowing children under 13 years to open a account.

It seems those who did create email accounts earlier can continue using them with more restrictions like they will not be able to join Yahoo Groups, play Yahoo Fantasy games, use the Yahoo mobile app or use the full-featured version of Yahoo Mail. They will also not receive special offers or purchase services, be able to edit their account info or participate in sweepstakes or promotions.

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