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Need an email account for your children? While I was figuring out how to get a free Yahoo email account for my young kid, I stumbled across the need to create a Yahoo Family Account.

Yahoo! Family Email for Kids

children email

Family Accounts allows a parent or legal guardian to give consent before their child creates an account with Yahoo. A child is someone under the age of 13.

The parent must register and create their own Yahoo! account, or have a previous email account. In addition they require the parent’s name and credit card information. The credit card will not be charged or stored but is required for real-time verification purposes only and as evidence that parental consent was received.

Check out the Yahoo! Registration page to register your child. But do not forget to use blocking and filtering software for kids and teach them safety online. In addition the Family resource centre has some good resources for safe online communication and safe surfing. I would like to hear your comments if you gifted your child an email account?

Child Email Account Limitations

2019 Update: Yahoo now clearly highlights that there are child and family account limitations. For example new accounts can only be created for children aged 13-17 years and new accounts cannot be created for children under 13 years. This is more like Facebook policy not allowing children under 13 years to open a account.

It seems those who did create email accounts earlier can continue using them with more restrictions like they will not be able to join Yahoo Groups, play Yahoo Fantasy games, use the Yahoo mobile app or use the full-featured version of Yahoo Mail. They will also not receive special offers or purchase services, be able to edit their account info or participate in sweepstakes or promotions.


  1. Jeff Garoutte says:

    I need to create an email account for my 11 year old son. At this point I am livid to say the least. Apparently there is no way to do this without putting in my credit card information which I WILL NOT DO! This is ridiculous. Why can’t I create an email account for my son without jumping through these idiotic hoops? I understand all about internet safety. . .I have three other children who all have email accounts. . .it’s because of internet safety that I’m NOT giving you my credit card information. Isn’t there another way to take care of this?

    • Albert says:

      The only reason why they want your credit card is for the security of the children ….theres so many people out there portraying themselves as children on the net so it keeps our children secure from those kind of creeps …they use your secure credit card as strong info saying its you because the bank trust you and they issued you a card of credit or atm whichever it maybe ….and this makes it easier for the email provider to trust you the same its like credit and vital because our children are our everything right

      • Tracie says:

        If it is to verify that some creep is not creating ficticious accounts as children, wouldn’t they just use their own credit cards? It’s not as if banks weed out the creeps and don’t issue them credit or debit cards. That answer doesn’t make sense. I am not giving my info, when I created one years ago for my 3 girls, now they each want their own and I have to pay. I know the amount is not alot, but it’s the reasoning. I want to know why.

      • Lisa says:

        Doesn’t this do the opposite and make it easier for a creepy adult to pose as a child. If you want to verify it’s a child shouldn’t you do the opposite and prove they aren’t old enough to have a credit card?

  2. neve says:

    why should parents give there credit card details out people are not happy with this

  3. Chris says:

    People, get a grip. Your Credit Card is SAFE.
    This is why it is required, it is to verify.

    In addition they require the parents name and credit card information. The credit card will not be charged or stored but is required for real-time verification purposes only and as evidence that parental consent was received.

    • Tracie says:

      Yes, it does get charged. Yahoo says they will donate a portion to charity. Where are they getting that money to donate from? The answer is your credit card.

    • Josie says:

      But what do I do of I don’t have a credit card and can’t buy one

  4. Sonja says:

    Just wanted to comment. I set up a Yahoo account a long time ago, and had to give this info. Not sure either why they do it that way, other than to assume it’s for ID protection. You don’t want people using YOUR name to access email accounts, do you?
    Yahoo is pretty reputiable, and I have never had an issue w/giving this info. I don’t even think that CC is active anymore…

  5. sam barrett says:

    i have tried and tried to set this up for my son but when i reach the end it keeps saying my postcode is not for united states but i do keep putting united kingdom as our country..

    what can i do?

  6. Lisa says:

    I have to agree with some of the parents here. I don’t feel comfortable giving out my cc information just to set up an email account for my child. I did not see a yellow security lock at the bottom of Yahoo’s screen. I was told not to give out any bank or cc numbers online if you don’t see a security lock at the bottom of the screen. I think it’s not a good idea to give this information out. I mean there are other ways the can do this. Why not do a employment verification or give them your cell, work, home number so they can call and verfiy. They are going to call the bank anyway.

    Sorry Yahoo.

    Is there any other website that parents can set up a Family Accounts without giving out personal finacial information.

  7. Arlene says:

    have tried and tried to set this up for my son but when i reach the end it keeps saying my postcode is not for united states but i do keep putting Philippines as our country..

    what can i do?

  8. christie says:

    giving credit card information can also benefit to make sure some people arent posing as children to get our children. there are too many pedifiles online and credit card information can help verify real persons and help check for backgrounds… i think its a good idea cause i dont want some freaky old man tryig to talk to my kids online who impersonated a child. no it doesnt stop all of it but it can help. i would like to think that would be a reason for cc info i culdnt think of anything else since one has never been charged.

    • Nell says:

      Actually in theory it would, but you could give some credit card you stole and that wouldn’t be you. Anything you can read off of a credit card statement in someones recycling bin (which of course is identity theft) can be used. Putting this info in does NOT prove it is you or protect your kids. If a person is willing to break the law to harm your child they are willing to break the law to use someone elses credit card. I think it is a bad protection method. I’d rather give my fingerprint….we have the technology, that would prove it was me without letting them charge me.

  9. natalie says:


    i would wantto be here just to have fun and meet lots kids that i don’t of and im a kisd too so i would know more or less just to have fun with other kids

  10. jon says:

    The CC is not an issue for me – you’re more likely to have this data ripped off from within a typical brick and mortar shopping trip (many vendors are hackable and wireless) then you would online.
    My issue is that the interface is grown up crap. My 10 year old is a KID – she doesn’t want to see world politics or be offered low rate mortgages. I did the sign up thinking that yahoo would be offering something more kid friendly – its not….

  11. Karen says:

    In answer to your question, yes there are several other websites that offer family email accounts. Mu personal fave is
    AND added bonus, you don’t have to give your credit card details – least not in the first 30 days (free trial).
    Oh and also, yeah Jon, safensoundmail don’t have adverts which is a BIG plus for me since I think kids get enough of that in the world already.

  12. Nancy Travis says:

    Ladies, the system my family have been using is KidMail:

    No, my husband didn’t find it on his own — CBS NEWS did a great story on the whole subject and highlighted KidMail’s uniqueness in having multiple trust levels:

    Some of these services are “PC”, some are Mac — some are programs for download, others are accessed with Internet Explorer — some are American, some are not — there are numerous choices.

    KidMail makes it easy to use and trust, and they’ve been around for years. If you’re like me, where precious time is stretched between ballet lessons and making dinner, I can tell you we’ve had nothing short of great results.

    (I wish I got a commission every time I pointed out a great product or service like this!!!)

    • Aisha says:

      Thanks for your post. I am trying to create an email for my six yr old daughter who’s going for a modeling career…
      By the way, if you are really open to making a commission from referrals, I can show you how.

  13. Tracy Johnson says:

    I just tried to make an account for my daughter under the family account and its asking for my credit card number, of course i won’t give it. But the funny part is that it WAS going to charge me 50 cents to verify. Some of that money was going to go to charity but I’m not going to pay anything for a so-called ‘free’ account.

  14. Bart says:

    The cc issue is no big deal. The real issue, is that once you have a yahoo email account for a child under 18, they still place advertisements for dating web sites for singles and other ads that are not appropriate for children, so there is nothing “family” about the yahoo mail.

    • Daddy David says:

      I second what Bart and john said here in 2009. Don’t bother using Yahoo Family Account for your kids. Once you finally figure out how to set it up for the kid, advertisements pop up which are NOT appropriate for them and there is no good monitoring functionality. I’m not sure exactly what Yahoo IS doing to protect the kid here, but there is a lot Yahoo is NOT doing for us.

      Signed, looking for another email account provider for my child…

  15. Mike Call says:

    You’ve got to be proactive in this stuff to protect your kids. I, personally, use for my family.

  16. joey says:

    a email account for the age 8

  17. john says:

    I’ve had a yahoo account for a long time. I created an kid account today. I thought the kid email process ok and I didn’t freak at the credit card deal. I’m in IT and understand the verification process. What I DO NOT LIKE is the fact the I have to manually login to the account to monitor activity. If I want, for example, to have email forwarding of any type – I must pay for an upgrade. Forget it. Gmail lets me forward for free in any number of ways.

    There is also no way to navigate to that account I created except to sign out and sign into it – with all of its restrictions. It doesn’t show as an account I created anywhere. I guess all I did was give consent. And if there is a place for administration it is MOST difficult to find. If there is not – this should be stated clearly. It might be somewhere, but for the life of me, I could not find it.

    However I have heard a number of good things about KidMail, so I am going to give that a try. Man Yahoo, what a disappointment. I’m going to cancel this account tomorrow.

  18. Natasja says:

    I just set up a child account today and they DO charge your credit card. It cost 0.50 cents to set-up the child’s account. They donate a portion to a charity but it does cost you!

  19. Cindy says:

    Hotmail emails for kids is free.

  20. Joe Blow says:

    You realize if they know how to use a computer they can setup thier own account anyway for free. Think about what you are buying, and in this case I feel nothing is bought.

  21. Samantha Nelson says:

    I, myself do not have a credit card. MY husband does but I do not. I refuse to have a credit card so I am not tempted to spend more than I can afford and rarely will use my husband’s CC. With needing a CC for verification of a child’s account is stupid and impossible for those who don’t have a CC and it does charge you 50 cents so its not even free!

  22. Berlin Thomas says:

    yes i would like creating my daughter acount
    but i don t know how to do it
    please can we help me please about…

  23. Taylor says:

    What I find irritating is that I filled in my birth date, 1989, and then it said I needed a parent or guardian to continue. I’m 21 and live alone! So I clicked on the button that said, “parents aren’t around?” and it took me to Yahoo! Kids….

  24. Jennifer says:

    If they are charging for verification only, it should be reimbursed. It may be 2 cents (or however much it is), but it’s my 2 cents.

  25. bwether says:

    looking for free safe mails for your kids
    its totally free plus $10 cash prize every week

  26. Ketan says:

    I set up an email account for my 8 year old daughter earlier this year but when she tries logging into her email it states she is under 13 and I need to complete a registration form. I don’t want to set up a new email account but how do i get around this issue?



  28. Shreya Vishwanathan says:

    you should create email id for children less than 13

  29. dhaval says:

    Yes there should be a dedicated email service for kids and only kids, with their kind of themes, they can also upload photos and save in email, and when they get older, one day will come when they will open the kid’s email account and view their memories and just enjoy. great idea.

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