EgoSurf : Find Your Blogs Ego Ranking

Give your ego a boost by searching for your name and your blog via EgoSurf and find your ego ranking…

Egosurf does just this. You enter your name and your blogs web address. They search google and find links to your blog and calculate your ego ranking. Remember to click on “more options” found beneath the “find your place” link to search other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Technorati and to give a futher increase your ego boost. You also keep track of your rankings over time, so you can see how your site moves through the blogosphere. There is an rss feed too.

If you are like me, you might ask what are ego points? The answer is in the FAQ – “A highly secretive and complex algorithm developed over months of work, utilising the best mathematics brains in Weston-super-Mare, to calculate the cubic volume (in cm3) of ego contained in your search engine experience.” Understand …

And what is this deep search? – “it is a patent pending deepthroat search technology, we seek deeper than most. Using one degree of separation, we look at each page retrieved by the search engines, and seek out links to your sites. This deep searching routes out even the most obscure references. Our finely tuned egopoints algorithm is then applied to the search result.”

A search for me and my blog gave me a google ego ranking of 7957 while a egosearch for all services gave me this

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enginerankingego points
google.com3rd, and 4th8348
yahoo.com2nd, and 3rd2675
msn.com3rd, and 4th2867
del.icio.us1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th3184

I do not know how accurate this egosurf is, but seems to be getting popular on the blogosphere fast. You can check your ego ranking too… and boost your ego.

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