Google Free Proxy Can Access Restricted Websites

Did you know Google Free Proxy Can Access Restricted Websites? Yesterday I tried to access my website from a university computer. Unfortunately the entire domain was in the list of blocked websites. Luckily I remembered a recent article…

O’Reilly points out how to use Google translator service (language tools) as a free proxy to bypass the restrictions. Basically they provide a url which performs an english to english language translation, your connection is directed to a page so this page won’t be blocked (unless is on the black list, which is unlikely).

1. The en|en is an english to english translation. If you use fr|fr you get a french to french translation and so on. The proxy method helped me bypass the restriction and access my blog. But remember it does not hide your IP address.

Based on their idea, I simpy used this link to access my blog.

You can replace our url with your blocked url and bypass the block.

2. In the same page comments, they point to another quick way using the Google Mobile Search – a tool for searching and viewing the Web on your mobile phone. Google may alter images, text formatting and/or certain aspects of web page functionality to suit best for mobile phone view.

Based on this concept, the url which let me access my blog was

Though the formatting, sidebar and CSS was gone, a limited amount of content was accessible.

Often some websites are blocked on university, school and office computers to prevent access to restricted websites with improper content. Although I was surprised that they had blocked all blogs from on the server, this tip helped me access my blog.


  1. leafy777 says:

    how can i unblock runescape in school?

  2. hacker says:

    wat skool? depends wat kinda system they hav & how they go about blocking the website

  3. killerjj666 says:

    at my school it says site is catorgrized as chat….

  4. Climax2007 says:

    How do i access YouTube. All the proxies we have found have been blocked wot do we do now.

  5. gavin says:

    i need to get on runescape or myspace at school what should i do

  6. kashihaha says:

    all the proxy websites ar now all blocked…

  7. Abhilash says:

    i have tried google proxy but its of no vail….give me some other suggesstions….

  8. qwerry says:

    I am unable to access this URL web page.
    I tried many proxy sites but simply they gave the login page only and further they can’t move . Plz tell me the wegsite through which I can access the required URL page.

  9. zoe says:

    does anyone know other ways to get on bebo and if they have been blocked at school/college?

  10. andy says:

    i cant accsess any proxys or games where do i go to find a proxy that works

  11. Marcus Walker says:

    Can someone help me find a proxy please?

  12. danie says:

    how do i unblock bebo at school?

  13. Ally =] says:

    srsly everyone at school has no idea how to get in to bebo help =]!!!

  14. Ally =] says:

    how do u get in bebo !?

  15. abhinav malhotra says:

    how can i unblock orkut… plz tell me any such proxy on which i can browse it….

  16. Tremayne Gayles says:

    i need to get on bebo because i need to chat with my friends.

  17. Mellisa says:

    this is crazy um i wanted to know if anyone could comment on this site if they know of any good sites where i can access restricted sites on my skool computer.Im new to this commenting stuff so thanks1

  18. sur3no says:

    i thiz myspace proxies are blocked

  19. Jennifer says:

    i need to know how to get onto myspace from a school computer…. all the proxies i have used are blocked!!!! HELP!!!!!

  20. lynsey says:

    how can i get on myspace when it is blocked?

  21. douglas says:

    can u plz tell me how to unblock runescape from school i need 2 go on it desprately

  22. hannah says:

    how do i get on bebo at school:D

  23. sue says:

    can you tell how ta get on bebo i nedd to go on at school can any one give me any websites plzzzz!!!!!

  24. tanner says:

    how do i get into runescape when its blocked at my school?theres gotta be a way to get around the block.

  25. proxt says:

    try this one:

    or this one:

  26. Brandon says:

    how the hell do i get on runescape i can get to the site i just cant load the worlds

  27. wtf? says:

    i need allot of good proxy sites to go on at skl so i can go on bebo and stuff

  28. Jerome says:

    can you please unblocked this website for me?.. please.

  29. Jerome says:

    how can i unblocked runescape?, it’s kinda cool.erm’

  30. jhon says:


  31. BryOny says:

    this is getting rediculous. i come back from the weekend and they are all blocked,!
    help me. !!
    does any one have a proxy site to get on bebo?

  32. Jeremy says:

    OK…This is for myspace. go to ur command prompt or if you dont have one copy and paste this code in the URL bar…—-> its the url for myspace and contains no Tracer id for the firewall.. For runescape try going to and google reporter mozilla. Click on the first one and a list of runescape reports will pop up. click on any one and then on…it will open in another window bypassing the firewall.(depends on the server strenght) if it doesnt work add me 2 ur msn and ill tell u another. good luck :P

  33. sir. laughsalot says:

    I want to know how to access facebook from my school. I need it for a few of my classes (I conduct interviews for articles and such) and my school refuses to lift the blocks. I have tried almost every single proxy site for the first 21 pages of google when one types in proxy, or proxy sites, or things along those lines. please help. also, if your school hasn’t found these ones there are:, and

  34. Jeremy says:

    ok…the filters site words in the url and in some instinces url codes…if a proxy can bypass with no prc..(proxy related codes) and no words in the url like “proxy” and “bypass” then it should be easy to do it…ill post how when i find one for face book.

  35. jimmy says:

    what up bloggers ! I have found the paradise of social networking access :) t9space server provides wap sites or mobile sites of myspace, facebook, orkut and other sites , we can use in two ways to pass school restricted access as proxy or via mobile browers if you have the service through your operator ;

  36. steven says:

    i have been searchin 4 hours for a proxy web tht works and succeeded i have found on try

  37. stiffy says:

    i need to get on runcape in sch can some 1 give me a site

  38. ructus says:

  39. Mika says:

    Try these two websites.

    They are both now blocked at my school, however, before the dolts here let the administration catch on, they worked perfectly fine, giving access to all of the sites. Excluding MMO’s like RuneScape, sorry guys… that isn’t something a proxy can fix because it deals with the firewall on the school computers.

  40. ethan says:

    can someone tell me how to access facebook from school becuz there is blocks everywhere

  41. George Clooney says:

    This is a very good site : ) not!

  42. cooko says:

    there is a website caled www.runescape/ you should be able to enter from this web at ur school or if it dont work u just have to get ur teachers password

  43. saeed says:

    send me free proxy

  44. BlockedReality says:

    I’ve tried everything. Nothing seems to work on this school’s tight system. The only things I’ve found to work are putting an S at the end of HTTP and sometimes it will let you access it. Other times, there’s one unblocker that we use. . It unblocks pages, but doesn’t play very many games or videos. I’m desperatly searching for a solution to the Runescape problem. I’ll report back in a week or 2.
    Thanks. ;)

  45. ShadowHacker says:

    Use the following website for acessing block sites at work or at school:

    >>>>>>>>[ ]<<<<<<<<<

  46. YoGoSun says:

    omg im desparate to play but its blocked i need 1 simple website that runs java so i can play runescape omg!!!

  47. NOOB says:

    Ok i found a way to play runescape at skool all u need to do is go tools, internet options, privacy then sites and go to runescape and go unblock it this should work =D

  48. jake says:

    i want to get on runescape please

  49. Ckjodo says:

    hey, i got a ? regarding the access of, if anyone can find a way bypassing novell blocks please let me know

    every proxy i try (about 40+) hasnt worked, it throws a 404 error or something like that. Please let me know if there is a breakthrough in this area

  50. Ravi Shukla says:

    I am university student.I want to use orkut from my university lab to contect all my previous college friends but here there is restrication in access of orkut please tell me how can i use this website from here

    looking forward

  51. Ravi Shukla says:

    please give me solution to access orkut from my university lab

  52. cody says:

    i need to get on runescape and if you can unblock it i will love you.

  53. veronica says:

    hey…are there any websites that will let you onto facebook and that will let you type stuff up and post it on there? besides proxies and that good stuff b/c it is blocked at our school and so is everything…please help….i never go on facebook and i dont have a computer at home….please…

  54. RUNESCAPE INFO says:

    runescape is only accesible through
    even if you get a proxy that loads the java script the runescape website WILL NOT LET YOU LOG IN and give a message similar to “only enter your information on”

    this is because bypassing sites have a web address like this:

    and the clever people at Jagex have made it IMPOSSIBLE to log in unless all you have in the website address bar is

    this is to stop people hacking accounts, because it is quite easy to put a key logger into the bypassing or unblocking sites which would record all you details for them to use.

    so do yourself a favour, keep your account safe, and only play it at home, at

    BTW: add me if you want. names Son_Goku_84 and im online a lot…


  55. 12334jk says:

    Can’t anybody find let alone make an actually decent proxy that lets people play runescape?

  56. Symba says:

    My school blocked this website but I would like to go on it.

  57. Aaron says:

    im in desperate need of getting on bebo, can some one tell me a site that could possibly get me on?? x

  58. Nik says:

    pls unblock this site !

  59. Bypass says:

    this proxy work well for me;

  60. zac1265 says:

    how can i unblock rune scape at school and they have found all the unblocker sites could u plz give me a list of all unblocker sites plz help.

  61. Illym says:

    Try this:

  62. whatever says:

    how do you get a cheat to go on
    i’m at a hospital btw.

  63. aryan says:

    this is very nice proxt thanks for help me

  64. greg marks says:

    im at school and cant get on myspace

  65. Rocko says:

    ok to the ppl who want to unblock things like myspace, bebo, & youtube u do this…

    go to google
    type in “unblock sites”
    and it should be the third or second link
    u type in the site that u wanna go in there and tada, im not sure how to get to runescape tho im workin on it

  66. Sina says:

    does anyone have a site for bebo?

    need help now – im gonna die if i can’t find a way

  67. kavikanth says:

    hay guys go and download ultrasurf in ua zkul computer…install it and then enjoy surfing any restricted site…it worked 4me..

  68. mj says:

    google translation is not a proper proxy server as it reveals the visitors ip address

    sites like are able to locate your ip address while you are browsing using google translation portal

    check this out-

    enjoy….. mj

  69. Omar says:

    y don’t u guys just come home and access all websites??? i don’t get it!!

  70. shahram says:

    can you mail me new proxy

  71. seansy says:

    my school district is very strict on there blocked cites i need a new proxy that is simple but very effective.

  72. Da dude says:

    Its just a few hours of school a day….go deal with it not playing runescape and just play some other games…lol

  73. mr xyz says:

    i have windows vista parental controls and i cant get into runescape plzz can u guys help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. jaymes kilgo says:

    none of these work at jchs need to get on runescape plz

  75. ncik magill says:

    i realley need runescape umblocked i have nothing to do in recourse so i have been trying but everything i try is either blocked or dosn’t work help me help me!

  76. ChronicFigment says:

    it’s like the same thing as youtube basically and it seems to work in china since youtube is blocked there so it should probably work in schools. especially since its not that well known. but it’s not a proxy, just another version of youtube.

  77. warren says: allows you to bypass restricted sites at work, school or college, including unblocking sites like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and plenty more! The best thing is that we are free and simple to use, so check it out and tell your friends!

  78. deacon says:

    hey i need to now how to unblock runescape/facebook in school if you know please reply

  79. Chadwick Rucci says:

    Orkut Team is really working hard in recent days to make Orkut better than ever. User Profiles has been updated and also looks much better than before.

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