Download Opera 9 Technology Preview 2 for Windows

In case you want to have a look at what the new upcoming version of Opera web browser has in store, a new preview version of Opera is out for Windows.

Opera 9.0 Technology Preview 2 for Windows is available as a Direct download or BitTorrent download. However they advise that you use only on properly backed up computers and do not install over previous Opera versions.

And there some cool new Opera features now, quoting some excerpts –

“Opera Widgets  Widgets are small AJAX applications that provide specific functionality  like getting your favorite news, converting currency and so on.

BitTorrent  BitTorrent has become one of the most popular file transfer protocols around. We built it right into the browser so you can download torrent files easily.

Customize your search engines – Use your favorite search engine in the search box.

Improved content blocker -Just right click on a page and select block content. Any content not greyed out can be blocked with a click.

Improved pop-up blocker – We added more intelligence to help weed out even more pop-ups.

Site specific preferences – For those of you who want to control settings for specific pages. Want to accept some cookies and deny others?

Thumbnail preview – Opera conserves system resources and uses less memory than other browsers so it’s easy to have many tabs open at once.”

Well it seems the new Opera 9 will have some exciting and powerful features, which will give more competition to Firefox and Internet Explorer. Remember this is not the final version of Opera and is for testing purposes. If you like the full regular version, download the current version Opera 8.5.

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