Optimize Adsense : Modify Code & Alternate Ads to Test Channels

How can you find out if a Google Adsense leaderboard or a banner ad will get more clicks and earn you more money. Alternate the ads in that location of course. Javascript makes this possible easily and then you can track it with channels.

The Inside Adsense blog is the official blog of Google Adsense and they point to this wonderful tip called A/B Testing to help you alternate your ads using javascript and test your ads with channels, to get the best adsense optimization. And they allow you to modify the adsense code for testing this particular script only. They provide a javascript template that will rotate between the two ad units, showing each 50% of the time.

“Keep in mind that generally, modifying your ad code is against AdSense program policies. However, we’ve checked with our policy folks and they’ve given our publishers permission to modify the code for use with this specific script for the purposes of A/B testing. Please be aware that the AdSense team isn’t able to provide any support or troubleshooting help for this script or this sort of testing.”

If you read the 15 adsense mistakes, remember that this script is for testing purposes only and is the only one officially allowed. If you love finding new adsense secrets, this adsense tip is truly very useful. By using this script, you can easily determine which ad unit is performing better in that location, switch to that adsense code after testing it and make more money!

Of course there are more ways to officially rotate Google Adsense ad colors, or use the AdRotator WordPress Plugin to rotate different ads and reduce ad blindness.