Browsar Portable Web Browser : Surf with Privacy

Looking for a safe way to surf the web on any computer with total privacy. Try out Browsar – that claims to be the first ever ‘freedom’ internet browser, that allows you to surf the internet with complete privacy. Now you can search and surf the web without leaving any visible trace on the computer you are using.

The most amazing feature about Browsar (of course it is free!) is that it only takes seconds to download (264kb only) and you don’t even need to install it. So that adds it to the list of portable software you can store on your USB flash pen drive. Browzar does not track or store web cache, browsing history, stored files, cookies or auto-complete. It has a pop up blocker and also lets you access secure sites like banking sites.

Now when you are at a unsafe public computer like an internet cafe or airport, just download Browsar, and surf the net with full privacy.

Update: Browsar is not recommended. Some sites like WEb3.0log say that Browsar is fake and full of adware. Techcrunch says further that “Browzar appears to be nothing but a simple shell to IE which forces Overture ads on its own users. The creators didn’t write a cache or history function, calling this a feature, and users are unable to change the search function or home page to anything other than Browzar ad results.”


  1. A. Nonymous says:

    Make no mistake, Browsar DOES leave tracks of where you have been and what you have searched on. I ran a test using Browsar for searching “catdungontoasttastesbad” which cannot possibly be a character string left by any other site or previous search on any browser, and when finished, having not found the string on anyone’s website, I shut down Browser normally. I next ran a full disk search for that same character string and found it buried on the disk multiple times. I next visited a website I’ve never been to before, did another disk search and found that same URL at multiple times on disk after having shut down Browsar as normal. In plain words, it’s still tracking you.

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