Noah & Ahreelee : Snapping a Daily Photo for 3-6 Years [Videos]

Some people like to take snap their photos … then they do it everyday … for a few years and keep on doing it. One day they use a video editing software and join all these hundreds of images into a cool video. Post it to YouTube and let other viewers share it. Then watch it climb the popularity and most viewed charts on video sharing sites.

I first saw this video of Ahreelee – “Me: Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years” (01:07 min). You can see the 3 minutes full video at AtomFilms. It has over 2 million views on youtube.

And then there was Noah who “takes a photo of himself everyday for 6 years” (05:45 min). He also got over 2 million views on youtube.

And then someone decided to hold a competition between Noah and Ahreelee, in 15 seconds and guess who won!

What amazing things people do! Just click on the Play button to run the video clip. You too can embed videos from YouTube.

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