Millionaire Fair : Exclusive Luxury and Lifestyle Events

Looking to buy a luxury product that is unique and exclusive, visit the international Millionaire Fairs and chances are you will find your expensive luxury goods. Millionaire Fair is an exclusive and trend-setting lifestyle fair where exhibitors, representatives of the international high-end luxury goods industry showcase their latest products and services to the world’s most critical consumers.

The participants in the Millionaire Fair include the top of the national and international luxury industry (cars, fashion, jewellery & watches, personal services, private aviation, real estate, travel, yachting, wellness, wealth management, etc.)

“The Millionaire Fair is the only event in the world that welcomes those who enjoy luxury in an atmosphere of wealth, glitter & glamour. For a couple of days, every centimetre of the exhibition centre is transformed into a luxury shopping paradise. Each visitor, whether they have millions or are just spiritually rich, is welcomed here with great enthusiasm and returns home with a feeling of richness. This is the aim of the Millionaire Fair.”

Millionaire Fair Cannes was recently held on 1 – 3 September 2006, at Palais des Festivals, Cannes. If you missed that you can visit the next Millionaire Fair Moscow, on 27- 30 October 2006, Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre, Moscow. You can catch it Amsterdam in December, Shanghai or Kortrijk (Belgium) in May 2007.

You visit any of the Country Sites for online order forms and ticket booking services. The first Millionaire Fair was held from 22 to 24 November 2001 in the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal. Looking to meet international celebrities, the rich and famous people, visit the Millionaire Fair…

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