Fastest Ways to Post Bookmarks to is possibly the most popular social bookmark sharing service online. You already know the usual ways to post to I share with you the ways I post to

Many times I like to post very quickly to without any tags (or a default tag like Unfiled or miscellaneous), using the default description of the link, with or without sharing, and all that in once click without filling any form. This helps me to quickly bookmark many pages without filling forms and I can easily edit them later in my own time, or delete them via quick menu beside each link in my bookmarks.

So I created some bookmarklets based on the official API to do this.

Usage Instructions

  • Choose the bookmarklets below which suit your purpose.
  • Drag the bookmarklet links below to your bookmark toolbar, or right click (Do NOT left click) and select ‘Add to Bookmarks’ or ‘Add to Favorites’ depending on which browser you use.
  • When you want to run the bookmarklet, just left click it.
  • If you are not logged in to or have not enabled your browser to save your username and password, a pop up alert will be ask for login details. This is required by API scripts and required by to identify your account, so is very trustworthy and works via a https protocol.
  • If the post was successful, it will display
    result code=”done”

    If the post failed:
    result code=”something went wrong”

  • All these are provided in 2 forms each – one will display the result in the same page, and the other opens the page in a new window. I prefer using the new window ones because I can keep reading the content while keeps adding bookmarks in the background. If you do not close this window, it keeps refreshing as you add favorites. However, pop up blockers may interfere with opening new windows. Bookmarklets

Quick Post
The simplest one. Click it on any page and the link is added to your bookmarks. No tags added.
Post Del (Same window)
Post Del (New Window)

Quick Post with 1 Tag
Click it on any page and it is added to your bookmarks with the default tag “Unfiled”. (You can edit the unfiled tag in the bookmarklet to anything you want)
Post Del+Tag (Same window)
Post Del+Tag (New Window)

Quick Post with 2 Tags
Click it on any page and it is added to your bookmarks with the 2 default tags “Unfiled” and “Technology”. (You can edit these tags in the bookmarklet to anything you want, and add as many tags as you like)
Post Del+2Tag (Same window)
Post Del+2Tag (New Window)

Quick Post without Sharing
Click it on any page and it is added to your bookmarks with the “do not share” option on for private bookmarking.
Post Del+Pvt (Same window)
Post Del+Pvt (New Window)

Quick Post without Sharing and 1 tag
This is a mix of both above tools. Click it on any page and it is added to your bookmarks with the default tag “Unfiled” and private options on.
Post Del+Tag+Pvt (Same window)
Post Del+Tag+Pvt (New Window)

Quick Post Any Url
Opens a prompt window. Enter the url and it will add the url, fill in the title automatically and shows the task done screen. Works from any page. This is useful if you want to quickly add many urls. Just enter the url, on the task done screen, again click the bookmarklet, enter another url and so on, keep on adding more.
Post Del Pop
Post Del Pop+Tag (1 tag)
Post Del Pop+Pvt (Private)

Quick Post with Date
Click this and it will add the selected bookmark with the default date (at present January 1, 2007 at 1AM). So if you use this, check back your bookmarks on Jan 1, 2007 to see it listed. (You can change this to any default date you like). Very useful to quickly add categorized bookmarks by date.
Post Del+Date (Same Window)
Post Del+Date (New Window)
Post Del+Date+Tag (Same Window, 1 tag)
Post Del+Date+Tag (New Window, 1 tag)
Post Del+Date+Pvt (Same Window, Private)
Post Del +Date+Pvt (New Window, Private)

Customize These Bookmarklets

You can easily edit any property of these bookmarklets. I have specifically kept the title of these links short like “Post Del+Tag” so that it does not occupy a large space on your toolbar. In your browser – Right click the link (or manage your bookmarks), Click Properties, and edit the name / title of the link to what ever you want e.g. make it “Post to with 1 tag”.

To change the default “Unfiled tag”, again do the same step as above, in the location / url box the javascript code will be visible. Look at the “Unfiled” word there and replace with whatever default tag you want. If you look up the 2 tags link, you can add as many default tags as you want – in the location box, add as many tags as you want, but remember to separate them by spaces.

To change the date, keep the format “CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ”. In our example of 1 January 2007, 1 AM, the format is “2007-01-01T01:00:00Z”. So edit it to any time, but stick to this format.

If you liked these, check out more tools too.

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