LG Shine Blogger Relations Program : Review LG Mobile Phones

LG Electronics is sending out its new range of LG Shine phones to select bloggers to try out and maybe post reviews on their blogs. Franky at ‘Am I Famous Now’ posts that they were contacted by the PR agency for LG Electronics to take part in the LG Shine blogger relations program. They were surprised not to discover any conditions about the program regarding the participation, contract with network providers or phone usage, but promise a fair review.

A quick look at the LG Shine blog reveals that you can get a LG Shine mobile phone to review too – if you’re a blogger based in the UK, France or Germany and write about technology, design or entertainment and would like reviewing the Shine phone on your blog, simply email them with required information and you might just get a phone to review on your blog.

An LG press release reveals that the LG Shine phones will launch on February 7 2007 in UK, the first stage in Shine’s global programme, and the handset will reach major global markets by Q2 2007.

“LG has already sold more than 180,000 Shine handsets in Korea since its launch in November, with more than 3,500 units a day still being sold. As the second handset in the Black Label Series of premium mobile phones, Shine has already created a massive amount of interest globally with its wide 2.2 inch magic mirror screen, multi functional scroll key and brushed full metal body.”

Being a blogger today can win you some tech freebies. Remember Microsoft gifting free Acer Ferrari Laptops with Windows Vista to top technology bloggers.

Want to review a LG Shine cellphone? Maybe an invitation is sitting in your email inbox!

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