Free Google Adwords Promo Code : Rs.1000 Discount Coupon

We have a free Google Adwords promo code for  a Rs.1000 discount coupon. If you want to show your advertisement online, there is no better service than Google Adwords that lets you show contextual ads and pay only for actual clicks. I recently started trying out Google Adwords and realized that Google Adwords coupons or promo codes can get some starting discount for new Adwords users.

Free Google Adwords Promo Code

Top tech magazines in India like PCWorld and Digit are running full page advertisements by Google Adwords encouraging readers to use Google Adwords to promote their business online. The fine print points to an Google email address where you can request a Rs 1000 (INR 1000) promotion code that will provide you that much credit. This code can only be used once and is valid only for new advertisers. You still need to pay the Adwords activation fee of about Rs. 60.

Though the incentive is not much, just over $22 when converted, but it is a good option for new advertisers to get an idea of what Adwords is all about, and when they get motivated enough, they can always continue to spend much more.

I cannot reveal the email address here since I believe it might not be allowed and is rightfully available to these tech magazine readers. Just incase you need the Adwords discount coupon, you know where to find it.

These promotions are not new in India. Last year also they had offered new Adwords users Rs 1000 coupons online. Maybe if you become a big Google Adwords advertiser, they might gift you a Google mini fridge someday.

Update: It seems the promotion has ended. The magazine latest issues do not have the ad anymore. But Google keeps on promoting Adwords with such coupons and promos often, just keep a lookout.

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