Windows Vista Ultimate DreamScene Content Pack

Windows Vista Ultimate users can get the Ultimate Extras, and the most enchanting feature is the Windows DreamScene which can place video backgrounds on your desktop. Due to the great popularity, they released a Content Pack that contains four video backgrounds, now available on Windows Update.

Announcing the release of the Windows DreamScene Content Pack, they say these video backgrounds are available only to users who have installed the Windows DreamScene Preview. However, the Content Pack will continue to be available when the final version of DreamScene is released. If you’ve installed the Windows DreamScene Preview, click Check for updates in Windows Update to see the Content Pack, which is offered as an Ultimate Extra. Rememeber that this preview version is an unsupported release.

The four video backgrounds are:
* A field of thistle, with a bee gathering pollen
* The rushing water of a forest stream
* A streetlamp reflected in a puddle, with softly falling rain
* Orange wisps flowing in a computer-generated scene

Windows DreamScene is one of the perks of owning Windows Vista Ultimate. View video backgrounds on your desktop and relax.


  1. shankar says:

    Vista Ultimate Is good To use with Xp

  2. goose says:

    wow this vista sure is slower than xp, why would they improve the operating system by making it like 60%slower.

  3. dolf says:

    it’s not the OS, goose, it’s your computer.

  4. shazic says:

    some people are really hard headed.
    if xp is slow than dont install vista.
    if vista is slow then you’re compter is old.
    if aero dosen’t work than get a real graphics card.
    if dreamscene runs in slow-mo than you’re pc probably sucks

  5. leon says:

    shazic…….. i agree with you!! XD
    if you using AMD….. at least use “phenom”
    if you using intel….. at least use “core 2 duo”
    and you must have a good graphic card at least 9 series(nvidia)……… HD 4830(ATI Radeon)
    your RAM must at least 4GB……
    if don’t have, then dont want use vista …

  6. ZigZagSwag says:

    To those that say Vista is SLOW, let me clear the air. Vista is NOT slow, your computer is slow. Vista is BLAZING, especially the 64-bit. I am pretty impressed though; im not sure how you got Vista on that 386 Machine anyway… :)

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