Alexaholic Renamed Statsaholic : Alexa Trademark Issues

Alexa statistics and charts lovers have always used Alexaholic, which blends Alexa website traffic graphs with a lightweight Ajax-enhanced interface to satisfy traffic chart junkies. Now Alexaholic has been renamed Statsaholic due to some trademark issues with Alexa. All links from Alexaholic are now redirecting to the new Statsaholic.

A notice displayed on their site says

“As of March 18, Alexaholic has changed its name to Statsaholic. Alexa has some trademark concerns with the name Alexaholic, and since I’ve got some new features planned here that will broaden the scope of the site beyond Alexa data, now seemed like a good time to change names. Please update your bookmarks, Chartlet, and blog links, and thank you for your continued support of the site.”

Webmasters, SEO/SEM specialists, and domain owners can easily compare and measure website statistics for up to five domains at once, switch traffic chart types and ranges without page loads, and generate report pages that are easily bookmarked and shared.

Top companies fiercely protect their trademarks and copyrights. Whenever you buy a domain name, remember that though that company name may stress that your site is related or talks about the service, but over time as it gets popular, the company might charge you with trademark infringement. So choose your domain name wisely.

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