World’s Longest Domain Names : 63 Characters Maximum

Your domain name is a unique presence on the web. My friend wanted to register a domain name that was unique, and decided to register the longest domain name that domain registrars would allow. But there are already many claimants to the world record.

The maximum length of a domain name that you can register (excluding the .com,, etc) is 63 characters. Now if you search around many have tried to register domain names with these 63 characters and claim to have the longest domain name. Even if you want it is difficult to find a 63 character word which makes any sense.

It is well accepted that

is the longest single word valid domain name in the world with 63 characters! It then redirects to another shorter domain name called

Locally known as Llanfairpwll or Llanfair-PG, it is a Welsh village on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. The former url with the longest domain represents the upper village and has the suffix -uchaf means “upper” in Welsh.

Of course there are others which consist of multiple words, unlike the welsh village which is a single word.

This one got the longest alphabetical domain name

Then I found the pi (3.14… upto many decimal places) domain name which seemed to have 65 characters (but is actually 63 character with a 3 subdomain – cool!)

You can also register th the worlds longest domain names, but remember adding long subdomains, dashes, www and cannot make it longer (even dashes count as characters). Tell me if you have found another longer domain name.

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