Google Apps Education Edition for Students at Universities

Your entire campus community can share information and ideas more easily using the Google Apps Education Edition’s free communication, collaboration and publishing tools. Google is asking university students across America to share their experiences about using their school’s email systems in an effort to understand the role email and online applications play on college campuses and in students’ lives.

They have set up an online survey to ask students about their habits and preferences for using email and online applications, and to rate their satisfaction. Google Apps Education Edition provides solutions that improve communication and collaboration among all members of the campus community with lots of benefits.

Communicate and connect with Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar. Collaborate and publish with Google Docs and Spreadsheets, The Start Page and Google Page Creator. They also offer 24/7 assistance, including online and phone support, for administrators using Google Apps Premier and Education Editions.

Contact you University admin and let them customize it with your school’s logo, color scheme and content, easily manage users through a web-based control panel, or use the APIs to integrate Google Apps into existing systems.

I juts checked their education customers, and it features Arizona State University, Lakehead University and even Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University!

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