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Blogger in Hindi
A new feature introduced by the Google Blogger blogging platform makes Hindi blogging easier. You just need to type the phonetic equivalent in English, and they smartly convert it into Hindi. I am sure this will make many Indian bloggers happy as they can now blog in Hindi without the need to download Hindi fonts and enable tools to display them.

An automatic transliteration option for converts Roman characters to the Devanagari characters used in Hindi. In your blogger options, go to Settings | Basics page and select “Yes” for the transliteration option, which will affect all your blogs. In your post editor, a new button is live which toggles the transliteration feature on and off.

These charts will give you an idea of how Roman characters are matched up with Hindi characters in the Edit mode. If you get a wrong transliteration, enable the full on-screen keyboard and simply click the letters you want to insert. Whenever you type a word and the Hindi transliteration is not the one you wanted, you can correct it using the editing features. When you do this, the new transliteration is remembered for you. Get a full explanation of the feature.

The transliteration feature is supported in IE 6.0+ on Windows, and Firefox 1.5+ on Windows and Linux, and not supported on Macs. This feature requires a live internet connection, as all the transliteration is done on Google’s servers and sent back to your browser while you work on your post.

Simply type “Haal kaisa hai janaab ka” in English and the words are converted automagically to “??? ???? ?? ???? ??“! To get started, try here. There is an official Blogger group to discuss transliteration to compose posts in Indian languages while using an English keyboard.

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