Yahoo! Sign-in Seal Fights Password Theft and Phishing

When you login to Yahoo! mail, how do you identify that it is not a phishing site or fake site trying for password theft? The best way to fight spoofed sites is to use a Yahoo! Sign-in Seal that will display every time you are on a legitimate Yahoo! sign in page.

Create personalized Yahoo! sign-in seals and easily fight password theft. Your sign-in seal will be visible whenever you sign into Yahoo! and if your sign-in seal is not there, it’s likely to be a spoof page created by a phisher. This security seal is is linked to your computer and not Yahoo! ID, so you need to create a Yahoo! Sign-in Seal for each computer you use.

Choose any image, any text or your favorite color to create a unique seal in minutes, then inform all computer users of this authentic seal to identify genuine Yahoo! sign-in pages and avoid phishing scams.

Just for example, I created a sign in seal using text “PC” and chose an orange color. Now whenever I am on a genuine Yahoo! sign-in page, I see this logo!
Yahoo! Sign-in Seal

What if you don’t see your sign-in seal? Of course you could be on a fraudulent site, but it is also possible someone else using your computer may have deleted or changed your seal, your computer cookies may have been deleted, or you’re using a partner or international Yahoo! site.

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