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How to Report Corrupt DMOZ Editors and ODP Abuse

Report corrupt DMOZ editors whose ODP abuse brings disrepute to the directory’s quality and integrity. DMOZ (Open Directory Project) is the largest human-edited directory of the web maintained by a global community of volunteer editors. However,  Here are some ways you can report abuse in the Open Directory Project (ODP) and help protect the directory quality.

Submit DMOZ Abuse Complaint

Open Directory Public Abuse Report System – This official reporting system enables users to complain about suspicions of abusive editors / conduct to DMOZ meta editors and staff. The form is available in multiple languages too. You can also check the status of an existing report by entering the complaint ID which you got when you originally submitted the abuse report. Read the Report System FAQ of what is considered abuse and includes issues like preferential treatment to own sites, listing bad sites in wrong categories, and accepting bribes to list your site in Dmoz.

Post in Open Directory Project Public Forum

Open Directory Project Public Forum is run by members of the ODP Community. You can browse and read the forum without registering, but you must register to post. There is a Quality Control Feedback Forum where you can “Report quality control issues, and generic abuse reports with no mention of specific URLs, editors, or categories.” Specific abuse cases need to go through the Open Directory Public Abuse Report System as above.

A thread titled How To Report Suspected Abuse By An Editor advises webmasters that they do not consider editor inaction as abuse, neither is rejection of editor applications.

Contact Dmoz Staff

You may directly contact ODP staff using the email address and report the issue. They are always on the lookout for corruption activities in DMOZ.

Read more about ODP terms of use which includes the privacy policy and copyright issues too. Check the ODP Help Central for more information. Also read about submitting your site and how to submit a site to ODP. Major search engines like Google have started supporting the NOODP meta tag which lets you opt out of ODP descriptions.

ODP is a very vigilant community and all attempts of DMOZ abuse and corrupt editors are investigated and dealt with promptly. You just read the ways to report it to them.


  1. Classified says:

    Not sure if I trust DMOZ. I would like to see somthing more open that a closed door like it is now.

  2. Sloane says:

    Reporting abuse may not work although you should try. I reported a corrupt editor and showed proof. He is still there. I think he is too powerful (judging from his category)

    I believe that in addition to filing an abuse report, publish your evidence on blogs like this. ODP needs more scruitiny. It is shame that there is so much corruption as a listing in their directory can make or break a site.

  3. Peter says:

    I made abuse 1 year ago. And until today no solution. The status is: Investigation
    So it is funny :-)

    Today I wrote second complaint on editor.

    but I think that there won’t be any solution. They are all corrupted! In our category it seems that here we dont know internet. Because in all categories there are about 2-5 links :-)

  4. Gina says:

    What if you have registered for over 6 months and you still haven’t been listed or heard from DMOZ, should you, re-submit or simply keep waiting?

  5. Johnie Luc says:

    This is a good post, I was wondering if I could use this blog on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

  6. Ralph says:

    I filled out the abuse form and when I send it, I didn’t get any sent confirmation. It only said GO BACK. What happened?

  7. simon says:

    There was one editor who accused me of domain hijacking, then deleted my odp listing. Refuses to answer my responses, acts so much like a six year old brat, then a sixty year old man. I think the only reason he is an editor on ODP is too deny listings to many websites as possible. I tried to report him as abuse no one would answer my complaint, and does not work anyone. The whole ODP is extremely outdated and aol needs to ditch, since it lost its value.

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