Alphabetizer Sorts Lists in Alphabetical Order

Need to sorts lists into alphabetical order? Alphabetizer is a power tool that can sort any list alphabetically and has a lots of power options to edit the list style too.

Sort Lists in Alphabetical Order

I often deal with lists and it is difficult to sort them alphabetically. While smaller lists are easy to deal with, sorting long lists alphabetically is a huge task. I am happy to find Alphabetizer that can juggle alphabetical lists easily and sort them out in many ways possible.

alphabet sort a-z

Some of the cool style edits you can do to the output are –
Strip HTML
Ignore Case
Make all lowercase
Capitalize first word
Remove Duplicates
Reverse List
Ignore Indefinite Articles

You can decide how to separate the terms using new line, comma or tabs. You can also decide add stuff at the beginning and end of each term and even remove the first word from each entry alphabetizing list! These are some powerful options and I tried some out with amazing results.

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