All Alexa Redirect Urls Broken 404

Alexa redirects were a common strategy adopted by webmasters to increase Alexa ranking, though there was no official confirmation of this issue from Alexa. However, these Alexa redirected links were widely used instead of the main site url, to which they anyway redirected… and now all Alexa redirects are gone and show 404 errors.

Alexa Redirects to Increase Alexa Ranking?

Example of an Alexa redirect would be

which should direct to our main url, but it is now broken and a 404 error. If you trace back to the subdomain, that too is 404, which might mean that Alexa has stopped hosting this subdomain altogether.

It was believed that Alexa redirects would count as unique hits to Alexa as people clicked on these urls to redirect them to their own website. It might seem strange that people would list their url on forums and email signatures like this, but it had a purpose…

However, this brings to rest the issue if Alexa redirects work, as they are no longer there. There is no official announcement from Alexa, but I believe they removed this issue to remove any confusion or misuse about these controversial redirects.

It is well known that you can increase Alexa Ranking by Alexa Toolbar for IE and Sparky for Firefox. These add on tools on the web browsers keep count of site visitors and help determining the Alexa Ranking. If you get more visitors who have web browsers loaded with Alexa Toolbar and Sparky, higher is your Alexa ranking. Here is our Alexa rank.


  1. rambhai says:

    seems like a big mess for alexa

  2. Sucker says:

    Some people even used these redirects in their site navigation menus. Must have been a rude awakening when their navigation links quit working!

  3. Nate Fanaro says:

    I was hit by this too. It wasn’t that bad but certainly looks bad for alexa. I perused their site and couldn’t really find anything about this issue. Too bad, I was hoping that would help get my rank up!

  4. Blogging for the Money says:

    I’d been using the redirect for internal links on one of my sites, along with forum and email signatures. Would’ve been nice if Alexa had given some warning they were going to do this (or even some kind of comment afterward).

    As it is, I’ve spent 6+ hours changing link after link after link.

  5. techsw says:

    @Nate The alexa redirect link is only a myth..check New alexa redirect link for wat it is all about.

  6. Marrakech immobilier says:

    I’ve heared that the redirect works form time to time, and i’m wondering if it’s due to service stability

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