Free Business Cards for Bloggers

Professional Business cards offer a unique networking opportunity for bloggers. But what if you could get free business cards to distribute among your professional contacts. Ooprint is offering 100 blogger business cards for free to everyone!

Free Business Card Go ahead and choose a free blogger business card from the gallery. There are limited 4 options there. You can choose the blog title, url, name, personal contact details and the tags relevant to your blog. You can personalize your card by changing the color and the font, and upload your image or your logo for only $5. Its not all free – you need to pay global shipping charges for regular mail $5.90 or delivery by DHL $12.24 to your country. Of course if you don’t like these designs, you can always order 100 Standard Business Cards for $19.99

LiewCF got free business cards from them and they look cool. He says the standard white paper (220g) is free and the back of the business card is printed Ooprint’s URL by default, though you can add $4 to have a blank back.
Free Business Cards


  1. Abhijeet from Jeet Blog says:

    Wow…LiewCF’s card looks cool and that too free! I am customizing my card as I write this comment.

  2. Hamid11771 says:

    i think it`s a good service for bloggers. i`m gonna order my own business card today

  3. Barbara Ling (aka Owlbert) says:

    The back of a business card has lots of valuable marketing space – I’d certainly recommend using it. You can include niche resource links, 3 lessons you deem important, 3 “how to” tips, etc. Lots of good things you can do with business cards.



  4. Syahid A. says:

    Another good way to look professional. The price is a tad pricey though, including postage.

  5. Pixelcards says:

    Hey its a good thing.. I mean 19.99 is a good deal..
    Thanks for sharing..

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