Shutdown Day: 24 Hours Without Computers

Shutdown day is back this year on 3rd May 2008 and encourages you to shutdown your computer for 24 hours. Last year the Shutdown Day was on 24 March 2008, and emerged as a popular experiment to find out how many people can go without a computer for one whole day.

Last year, on Shutdown Day 2007 more than 65,000 people participated in the campaign by actually shutting down their computers for 24 hours on the 24th of March, 2007 and 450,000 visitors signed up for country locator on Shutdown Day website. This year you can gather a flash mob, to get people off their computers – and get them participating in creative events, outdoors, and in a public space. Check the map for events in your location.

So what do you do with your shutdown laptop… here are some uses.

Last year participants are looking forward to it…

Remember similar events that encourage you to switch off TV, deactivate Akismet or turn off your lights. Will you shutdown your computer on 3rd May 2008?

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