Google Pagerank Update Starts: Check PR Status

A Google Pagerank update is underway right now and top websites are reporting fluctuating pageranks. Google PR is often considered a benchmark of site authority and webmasters have always sought higher pageranks. Google pagerank update happens once every few months as SEO experts and site owners eagerly await to seek the gift of Google.

Since last year Google has initiated pagerank downgrades for sites selling text links and sponsored posts. As the pagerank crashed for several top blogs across the Internet, hidden paid text links and sponsored posts rapidly disappeared from websites. However, some sites still continue to use paid link paragraphs on high PR pages secretly. If you still want to sell text links, learn to make them Google friendly. Remember Google drives lots of free search engine traffic to websites, and you need to fall in line with webmaster guidelines.

In October our PR also dropped from PR6 to PR3, and after we filed a Reconsideration Request in the Google webmaster tools and requested a review of our site, clearly telling them that no paid text links or hidden links are currently sold on our site, the pagerank promptly reverted PR3 to PR6.

Check your live pagerank now. Did your site PR increase?

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.