Turn Room Lights On and Off with Twitter! [Videos]

You can turn your room lights on and off remotely by sending a text message from your mobile phone to Twitter! if you thought Twitter was only a Microblogging platform, think again.

Justin used Bob Paauwe’s iLink INSTEON software and Twitter to network his cell phone with his house’s electrical system with the goal to implement this on a larger scale at the Duke University Smart Home. And it worked!

Twitter can be used for strange tasks like watering plants and of course for simpler tasks like following us.


  1. Syahid A. says:

    wow, that was a really cool way to use twitter. :D

  2. Barbara Ling says:

    And here I thought that Botanicals was the be-all and end-all of Twitter. William Shatner would love this…. :)


  3. Spewker says:

    …or get even simpler and follow me! No, really, this is a great article. Who knew that twitter could turn as all into permanent couch potatoes.

  4. Insteon says:

    Neat, but by the time the SMS goes to twitter and then to your home automation controller you’d have tripped on something waiting for the lights to come on.

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