10 Useful Offline Blog Promotion Tips

Blog promotion is an integral blogging task to get traffic to your site, and offline blog promotion can drive serious targeted traffic to your site, from a genuinely interested and curious audience. I learnt some offline blog promotion techniques, and analyzed some tricks that will work.

Alexa Tshirt1. Wear Tshirts with your url – Showcase yourself well at conferences and workshops with your custom self-branded Tshirt. Its easy to get a customized T shirt at Zazzle or Cafepress. Let your T-shirt do your introduction and shout out your url.

2. Create unique business cards. Is your business card worth a second look, or will it get buried in a heap of hundreds of promotional cards. Try some unusual business cards and some strategies for creating effective business cards that rock. Free business cards might not work for uniqueness. So work to get the right (second) look.

3. Stickers that stick – Everyone gives out business cards, but stickers work differently. Simply paste them at strategic places (think!) and they will speak for themselves. Create some cool stickers at Moo.

4. Get friendly with journalists – Mainstream media exposure is excellent for better blog branding. Network with journalists who might get out your news faster and will give you an edge in new stories and blog recommendations in daily columns. Don’t forget them once the story is out, maintain long term contacts.

5. Become home page on Browsers – This one involves deals with internet cafes and libraries to make your blog the homepage, but it will go a long way in getting those pageviews and possibly a new readership. Its essential to target the right crowd here.

6. Send gifts to Big Bloggers – Everyone likes a free gift, and especially blogger gifts do work. A-list bloggers have a lot of influences, and your cool free gift might make them blog about you, your projects, your products and give you a free publicity. Learn how Google sends gifts and we all talk about it. If you want to send a Macbook Air, don’t send it anonymously, get credit.

7. Advertise in Print media – Pay money to get the word out in print media. You will be surprised how many people might visit your site via a advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. Try Google Adsense for Print.

8. Slip business cards in Books – Slip blank cards with urls in your niche books at bookstores, might give an extra boost to your targeted traffic. Make it resemble a bookmark and you are rocking. Just wait till the shop owner finds out…

9. Etch you Laptop – If a big url on T-shirts is not your style, let your laptop amuse onlookers and target traffic your way. Many merchants offer laser etching for laptops, get your logo and url etched and see the difference.

10. Network. Network. Network – Establish your authority in your niche, get lectures in blogger meetups, blogger events and conferences, answer questions and develop a following that will last.

What is your favorite offline blog promotion trick?

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