Google Gifts USB Memory Cards to Adsense Publishers

Google likes to send Christmas gifts to top Google Adsense publishers. Google has previously sent out wireless mouse kits and last year it was a digital photo frame to its top adsense publishers . This year the holiday gift is 2GB USB Memory cards!

Google Christmas Gift for Adsense Publishers

SEO Roundtable points out that Google Holiday gifts 2007 have started arriving. This time it is a 2GB USB memory card with the Google logo, packed in a neat leather pouch embossed with the Google logo.

Google USB Memory Cards

Are you eligible for a Google Christmas Gift?

Its still a mystery how Google decides which Google AdSense publishers get the coveted Google gift to show off. Undoubtedly they are their top publishers and it is a way to thank them for their support and advertising space.

What Adsense earnings should you generate to get a Google gift? Over the years, none of these top publishers or Google has been willing to share the secret cut-off earning level. Maybe if you get the gift, you can pat yourself that Google has you listed in their gift list!

Remember earlier some top Google Adwords users got a Google mini fridge and Adsense MTV video ad testers got lava lamps too. Even Google Display Advertising Network members were gifted Google branded laptop bags. I wonder what Yahoo! has in mind to gift its publishers.

Update: John Chow also got it and has a nice video of the unboxing.

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