Dreamhost Stops $97 Promo Codes

The QUICK97 promo code will now get only $50 off instead of $97. Dreamhost webhosting runs a very popular affiliate referral program called Dreamhost rewards where webmasters on Dreamhost web hosting could earn $97 per referral, or pass on the benefit to new subscribers by issuing promo codes for a maximum $97 discount. Dreamhost has now capped the discount to a maximum of $50. Grab the $97 discount coupons while you can…

Dreamhost Affiliate Program

The Dreamhost Rewards program basically has 2 Options –

Option 1: One Time Payments – Each new customer that you refer get you $97. Each new customer that THEY refer adds $5!

Option 2: Recurring Payments
– You’ll earn 10% of EVERY payment that your referrals EVER make! You earn 5% of EVERY payment that THEIR referrals make – for as long as they remain customers.

Dreamhost Promo Codes

Now these webmasters could share a part of the referral revenue by offering promo codes that would discount the offer for new subscribers and make them less money. For example, if I offered a $90 discount promo code, a new subscriber gets $90 discount, while the referrer earns $7 per referral. The promo codes could be to a maximum of $97 which would offer maximum discount while earning zero referral revenue.

Promo Codes Max out at $50

I just recieved the Dreamhost newsletter by email which says that starting from next
Tuesday, December 11th, NO DreamHost promo code can give a discount greater than $50! All new and existing codes will be capped at this amount.

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The wonderful benefit to webmasters is that the affiliate deal is still $97 per referral, and since the discount can’t be more than $50 using any coupon code, you earn $47 at least even if a maxed out promo code is used.

Dreamhost Affiliates will earn more

This site has been on Dreamhost for a little less than 2 years and I tell you some reasons why I love Dreamhost. I have sent hundreds of referrals their way with a maximum possible $97 discount code (which I offer to QOT readers, at zero commission myself), and have earned very little. Even in my secondary network, I find most webmasters make use of the $97 codes.

The lesser discount promo codes rarely worked for me, as there are so many people offering $90+ discounts, that the referral earnings were too low. By this new deal, it will mean that you earn $47 or more per referral as the discounts will be capped at $50. This is great news for affiliates, for whom this might turn out be a high paying affiliate program finally. I am sure you will find lots of aggressive Dreamhost promotions on blogs after a week. Grab the $97 promo code till it lasts…

Trivia: You might be surprised but Dreamhost has previously offered promo codes for $99.99 and a maximum ever $110 also!

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