More Google Holiday Gifts: Flip Video Camcorder

Google has been sending out more holiday gifts to its top business clients. After sending a simple Google branded USB Memory Cards to Adsense Publishers this year, another bigger gift is being sent out to much bigger clients, which will be better appreciated.

Free Google Gift: Flip Video Camcorder

It seems Google gave its big advertisers and SEMs this Flip Video Ultra Series camcorder. Shimon Sandler, a qualified Google Adwords Professional, got a Google branded Flip Video Camera. He decided to take a video of the Flip Video Camera with another Flip Video Camera to show the level of quality of the video.

Here I found another video of the unboxing…

Google has previously sent out wireless mouse kits and last year it was a digital photo frame to its top adsense publishers . Earlier some top Google Adwords users got a Google mini fridge and Adsense MTV video ad testers got lava lamps too. Even Google Display Advertising Network members were gifted Google branded laptop bags.

What did Google gift you this year? For me the biggest gift by Google was they gave my pagerank back.

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