15 Unusual and Strange USB Flash Drives

I wanted to buy a USB Flash Drives on Amazon and found some amazing and strange USB flash drives. So I scanned through hundreds of pen drives listed there to find 15 unique flash drives for your holiday gifts and Christmas shopping…

1. Philips Swarovski Active Crystals USB Memory Key

This flash drive is a fusion of Phillips technology and Swarovski’s tradition of fine crystal jewelry. Designed in polished stainless steel and Silver Shade crystals set in Ceralun all wrapped around, it can store and transfer large files like documents, music and pictures via the USB port of your PC or laptop.
Swarovski Crystals USB Drive

2. “Piece of History” Morgan Recycled Ash Flash Drive

Handmade by American craftsmen from wood salvaged from refurbished Morgan frame wood. Comes with water tight, 24k Gold plated hardware for enclosure and beautiful Walnut or Cherry case with 24k Gold plating for all hardware. Dont be afraid to spot numerous oil stains, rusted holes and minor cracks and chips!
Wooden Flash Drive

3. Sandisk Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive

Ducati builds one of the world’s finest, and most sought after motorcycles. This USB pen drive will make you feel the power of Ducati as you transfer data easily. A must show off gadget.

4. SanDisk Cruzer Fleur

Cruzer Fleur USB flash drives are designed specially for women. The sleek, feminine, cap-less design makes it ideal for women of all ages. Cruzer USB flash drives are fun and easy to use. Just plug the drive into your USB port and you’re ready to go.
Flash Drives for Women

5. Channel Islands High Speed Flash Drive

It looks like a surfing board, with channel island graphics and Rubberized texture with a neck strap attachment on USB Drive. You might wonder where the USB stick will come out…
Surfing Board flash drive

6. Corsair Flash Survivor Flash Drive

The Corsair Flash Survivor is extremely durable, water resistant, drop-tested flash USB memory drive. It delivers the highest value/performance solution for a rugged USB drive. From it’s CNC-milled, 6061 Type 2 Aluminum enclosure to the EDPM waterproof seal, the Flash Survivor is built for action. Take it on your next expedition to the jungles…

7. Victorinox Swissbit Swiss Army USB Flash Drive

It’s got an integrated Pen to note quick thoughts, LED to point out things, knife, scissors, nail file and a powerful and easy to use USB storage device. Branded by Victorinox, it is a Swiss knife for the geeky.
Victronix Swiss Knife Flash Drive

8. Pretec Sushi (Maki Uni – Sea Urchin) USB Drive

Pretec i-Disk Sushi could be recognized on the counter of a sushi bar and be eaten by mistake. With many “flavors” to be chosen from: Tuna, Salmon, Sea Urchin, and Smelt Roe and a creative and fashionable look, Pretec i-Disk Sushi series is an ideal gift for gadget and sushi lovers alike.
Sushi flash drive

9. Pretec i-Disk Vogue USB Flash Drive – Gold

Pretec i-Disk Vogue is an elegant necklace, stylish gadget, and perfect romantic gift. Available as a silver or gold handcrafted pendent, it can be used as a fashion accessory while satisfying your business data storage needs.
Necklace flash Drive

10. Ridata Yego Hub USB Drive

A multi-function USB flash drive featuring two additional USB ports that allows users to connect more USB devices and expand their computer connections. A tie-style LED indicator shows usage status, as to which port is currently in use.

11. uTronix Silicone Bracelet USB Flash Memory Drive

Features a USB 2.0 compliant flash drive integrated on a Stylish Silicone Bracelet Design. Wear it around your wrist and surprise people when a data transfer or storage need arises.

12. Pretec Mobile Duo USB Flash Drive with Laser Pointer

Use this new peripheral as a data bridge to connect your PC/NB with various mobile devices, while they are being charged. Unplugged, the internal battery not only powers the Laser-Pointer, it can also function as a mobile back-up energy source for your PDA or mobile phone.

13. Executive Attach Flash Drive Pen

Elegant styling of a fine writing instrument wrapped around state-of-the-art USB flash drive technology makes a useful tool for busy executives.
Pen Flash drive

15. Philips Active Crystals ” Heartware ” USB Memory Key

Phillips technology and Swarovski’s tradition of fine crystal jewelry goes to bring you the Active Crystals USB Memory Key in a heart shape. An ideal gift for your geeky girlfriend.

Remember: While most files will transfer data, look out if they are optimized for Windows Vista Ready Boost, are plug-&-play with any USB 2.0 certified peripheral computer port, come with a suitable warranty and brand guarantee.

Disclosure: I have no experience of personally using any of these and cannot vouch for their quality, performance, price or features. All information will be available on the respective gadget pages and can be verified from the sellers.

Suggest: Have you spotted a strange USB drive on Amazon, post in comments… and I will add it here.

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