Create a Great Business Card : Everlasting First Impressions

When you give a business card to someone, it is a long lasting impression you pass on, which the person may file, keep long enough to call you back after years.

Scobleizer gives some excellent advice on Business card best practices and helps you design a better, more effective business card. I picked up some nice ideas from there –

“My last ones at Microsoft, for instance, were imprinted with my info in braille.”
Now that is a new one I never thought of. Disabled friendly cards with accessibility features for the blind.

“One of mine were made out of a rubbery material”
The first feel of a crisp business card definitely makes a good impression. The more unique the material, the more surprising the effect.

“Don’t make non-standard sizes or shapes
The single best advice I say. Most people file away business cards for future reference. Standard sizes fit all forms of business card storage filers. Oversized non fitting business cards usually land in the bin (unless a scissors is around).

“If you do business in two countries, include both languages.”
I think it will be a well appreciated gesture for your foreign business contact, shows your nice gesture and should break the ice on your first meeting.

“Triple check for typos
Toby mentions this in his comments there. I feel Typos are the single best way to spoil your first impression and show your careless attitude.

Be Different (include the awe element) and be Googleable (let them find more about you – better that by getting your own domain name and a professional looking personal website.)

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