Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 and Learning Essentials

Microsoft today unveiled new versions of Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 and Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office 1.5 today at the annual National Educational Computing Conference.

“Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2007 is a software package of integrated tools and trusted content to help middle-school, high-school and entry-level college students create and complete top-quality assignments that can lead to academic confidence and success. With Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office 1.5, teachers can now use Microsoft Office applications to easily create interactive e-learning resources for use with standards-compliant learning management systems.”

Encarta Premium 2007 is Microsoft’s best-selling multimedia encyclopedia that provides reliable i. Microsoft Math helps solve mathematics problems using innovative Graphing Calculator software Graphing Calculator that helps students visualize and solve difficult math and science problems by enabling them to view, rotate and animate 2-D and 3-D color graphs and step-by-step assistance on equations ranging from pre-algebra through calculus and sciences. Learning Essentials for Students provides homework help via Curriculum-based templates and tutorials. Teachers can use Learning Essentials to generate classroom materials and save time in their everyday work while students can easily create projects, essays and presentations.

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  2. Dasuni Sulanka Warnasooriya. says:

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  7. akan etuk says:

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  9. Seun says:

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  20. aman says:

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