Ek Kaagaz: India’s First Online Single Music Release

Faith Records has launched India’s first online ad supported single music release titled ‘Ek Kaagaz‘ (means one paper in Hindi), which is the result of an online collaboration between San Francisco-based Devika and Delhi-based Pralay Bakshi, with music arrangement by SaazMantra.

The music is featured on the Faith Records site and since it an online-only track, online advertising is the only source of revenue for the track (I spot a tall Adsense skyscraper there). That also means you cannot buy it as a CD in stores.

Devika released her debut solo album “Devika” in June 2007 and is known for her song ‘Kehnde Ne Naina’ featured in the Sony BMG “Teri Deewani” sufi compilation, while Pralay Bakshi is associated with Fever 104 FM radio and is well known for ‘Dilli Dilwalon Ki’, the Delhi Daredevils promotional song.

Its amazing how the new generation of musicians are creating divine music by online collaboration. Though the song is in Hindi and airing on Fever 104 FM radio in Delhi, I am sure the melody will captivate you. They have also released it as a free mp3 download at Rapidshare.

Enjoy the melody of Ek Kagaz in this video.

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