Register .ME Domain Names: Now Open to Public

.ME domain names have finally opened to public registration and anyone can register .me domain names without restriction. As domain name registrars gear up to face the rush, webmasters and domainers are busy registering popular and strange domain names which can be sold for premium prices later.

Register .Me Domain Names

First the Sunrise Period closed wherein Trademark holders submitted requests for .ME domains. Then Landrush phase lasted from June 6 to June 26 when the public could apply without a trademark. But after the Landrush closed, domain names requested by multiple parties would still be auctioned between the requesting parties. Now from July 17, registration has opened on a first-come, first-served basis like any other domain name.

I checked that GoDaddy is offering .ME domain names for just $19.99/yr with a 2 year minimum registration. You can add on Private Registration for another $8.99/yr. Learn more about the How to Manage Domain Names Like A Pro.

Though .ME is the TLD for Montenegro, it promises some interesting domain name variations –,, …. Which .me domain name did you buy?

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  1. goinglikesixty says:

    I didn’t check, but it seems that some domain squatter bot has probably snagged them by the thousands, no?

  2. business networking says:

    Squatters, Start Your Engines.

    All the good domains will be gone within a week. I’d like to see a live feed showing what’s being registered. I’d even pay money for that.

  3. Joe Kennedy says:

    For some reason GoDaddy is lagging!!!! took me 2 hours to get a domain name. My less savy brother in law went to a godaddy affiliate page.
    which is and registered his in 2 minutes.
    I wonder why.. but then i registered another .me domain there later in the night no problems. Check it out my be a little glitch with godaddy.

  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I live feed or Digg spy like interface for registered me domain names would be great. But with thousands of domains being registered every minute, these services would need to be updated to fast and crash.

  5. Joenel says:

    Almost all the best .me domains are already taken.. guess i need to be creative..

  6. Prathik Rajendran says:

    I have made a list of all available 3 letter .me domain names. Contact me for buying it.

  7. Joe Kennedy says:

    I saw great prices for .me domain names on for some reason they are a godaddy affiliate – but its takes 2 seconds to register a domain. I never seen anything like it…but anyways I tried buy a 3 letter domain name and everything got eaten up in 2 seconds.

  8. Mark Kolb says:

    First off, the registrar has reserved over 2,000 names for a premium auction in September. Thats where a lot of the good names are. Dot.ME is great for marketing slogans like – see for a list.

  9. Aviyan says:

    Our team managed to pull in some hefty .me s. Somewhere around 19 anyway, we did some research, and I agree. We grabbed ones like Original, Newspapers, Encyclopedia, Onlinegame, Outdoors. A few more to say the least. Then again we had a back-up registrar.

    But with personalization giants such as Youtube, Facebook and Myspace, the same ideology applies to .me. People are all about that sole person in their life me. And that person prevails every time in these cases. It is truly here to stay and will make a great investment towards the future.

  10. Harpreet Singh says:

    Looks like after some time domains for family, for friends, for schools, cities will also be coming.

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