Secure Gmail SSL Connection: Enable Https Setting

Gmail recently became more secure for users and now you can use the Gmail SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature to enable HTTPS for a more secure connection online while accessing your email. But you have to enable the setting…

Secure Gmail Connection

How to enable default secure Gmail connection?
Login to Gmail > Go to Settings > General > Browser Connection

Gmail SSL

Browser Connection set to https will force a secure connection and is essential to keep your data safe and protect it from hijacking. It is essential particularly for those accessing Internet and gmail via public Wifi or non-encrypted networks. So if you routinely login via wireless internet at coffee shops, airports, college dorms, then you might need this additional layer of security.

Here is what my usual Gmail login looked like
Gmail http

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And here is what happened after enabling SSL
Gmail https

But I see https when I login?
Gmail uses https to protect your password every time you log into Gmail, but they don’t use https once you’re in your mail unless you enable this setting.

Will it make Gmail slow?
Gmail is very fast, but forcing a secure connection might slow down the speed of your connection because of encryption and decryption of data takes time and transfering takes more time too. It will prevent you from accessing Gmail via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) also.

But I dont want to enable the setting as default?
You can type in the (https://) protocol in the url bar while running Gmail, and the login will become secure for that instance.

Note: Gmail for mobile application may show errors if you enabled the ‘Always use https’ setting in Gmail. The specific errors vary by device, but you’ll see ‘unexpected error’ or have the app suddenly quit on you.

Try the ‘Always use https’ option in Gmail and use the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) secure protocol to enable authenticated and encrypted communication. Be safe, Protect your data.

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