Apple iPhone 3G Data Plans Pricing in India

As Apple iPhone 3G becomes available for sale in India today, the data plans pricing has been revealed by Airtel and Vodafone for subscribers.

IphoneThe Airtel iPhone 3G data plans reveal that the phone can only be used with an Airtel connection. Customers enjoy free 500 MB of data download / month for 12 months and charges beyond this usage will be Rs 0.30/50 Kb. After the expiry of 12 months, customer can opt for a plan of his choice from the different plans available on offer. They also remind that if you unlock iphones before the expiry of 12 months, all warranties and benefits are void.

Vodafone pricing plans are starting at Rs 799, with local call at Rs 0.60 per min and STD calls at Rs 1/min, SMS local for Rs 1, National for Rs 2 and International for Rs 5, with Rs 249 free minutes and iPhone data browsing charges of 5p/10kb with free data usage of 250MB per month.

Or Vodafone lets you simply top your existing plan with a data plan starting Rs 499, with iPhone data browsing charges of 5p/10kb with free data usage of 250MB per month. Prepaid users can pay Rs 100 and get iPhone data browsing charges of 5p/10kb with no free data usage.

Compare this with iPhone pricing plans in US on AT&T. The iPhone is available in 8GB – Black and 16GB – Black / White for estimated prices of Rs 31000 ($704) for 8GB iPhone and Rs 36100 ($820) for 16GB iPhone!

Its not cheap to own an Apple iPhone 3G in India and I dont see long queues lining up as the price is a limiting factor. Also note that 3G services are not yet activated in India. It will be interesting if Nokia N96 will win the race.


  1. web designer Kathaperumal says:

    Once upon a time India was ‘snake world’ Now it is ‘Apple’ iPhone world.

  2. SpungBob says:

    It works out cheaper to buy it in US than in India and the dataplan is unlimited. Only glitch is that one has to signup for 2 years with AT&T

  3. rajeev says:

    iphone in the us is for $199 approx so why so dear in INDIA? the people who are launching it feel that all over here must be loco to get these. although many will ultimately buy this at this crazy price i guess more would have got it at a more reasonable price and ultimately apple would have been benifited.
    well each to his thoughts

  4. Digitalmail says:

    I will say that just wait and watch Iphone prices will come down like nokia nseries . Right now they are making good money by selling it at this price but it will go no longer and prices will come down .

  5. Bimal Kumar Palai says:

    iphone is high cost mobile phone in the Indian Marcket.This phone not for middle class family.It is also for High class family,I think this phone price start at Rs. 8,000 -15,000.Ok thanks.

  6. babs says:

    i think price is iphone is high in idia, price should in india only upto 15000/= buy only from apple stores, donot buy from gray market…
    becasue it is unlock phone….
    if you will try to open you can lose your money and phone, so advice u if you are crazy so buy its now otherwise wait of good price…

  7. nisman says:

    iPhone in US costs only $199, but you need to sign up for a 2 year contract with AT&T. Simply canceling the contract with AT&T after the iPhone purchase would seem a workable tactic. Adding the lower cost of the new iPhone ($199) to the $175 fee for canceling the contract and the initial $40 activation fee brings you to a total of $415, just $16 more than buying the original iPhone without a contract. But, isn’t that the same price in india?

  8. sales says:

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  9. Mope Tope says:


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  10. Sam says:

    Spungbob: No, it is not cheaper to own the iphone in the United States. The cost of ownership includes signing up for a plan two year contract or no contract people are buying the phone to use correct? The minimum cost of a plan for the 3G iphone is almost $80/month inclusive of taxes and fees. That gives you 450 minutes calling and receiving. Most people talk during the day for business so nights and weekends are meaningless. Unlimited data means nothing. Everybody has their limit. I will take Vodafone India’s iphone plan anyday of Rs. 999 which includes 300 minutes and 600 MB data. 600 MB data is more than plenty and if you go over that only 5p per 10K. You need to calculate what a typical user actually uses in terms of minutes and data. Plus, Indian sms is only 1 Rs and no need to buy an SMS pack. Again, in the US SMS is 20 cents each unless you buy an SMS pack but again you may not use all those SMS. I will take the Indian iphone plans anyday where I actually can pay for my usage. $80/month is approx. 4000 Rupees. Compare that to Vodafone’s 999 Rupee/month plan. It would take a lot of usage for an Indian iphone user to incure an extra 3000 rupees charges per month consistently. The US plans require a huge minimum monthly commitment which is not justified by most people’s usage. Nobody can use the plan consistently in a manner that justifies $80/month. Plus, we have no $20/month option like you do in India. Thus, we have to pay a minimum of an extra $720/year just to use the iphone. After less than one year of ownership, the American iPhone becomes more expensive than the Indian iPhone. Do the math before you complain. I will take $20/month anyday and a $600 phone cost versus the US $200 for the phone and $80/month commitment.

  11. Sam says:

    Amazing to hear Indians complain about the cost of an Iphone and yet things that are far more important like education and healthcare are dirt cheap. In the USA, per capita health care costs are $6700 per year while in India it is less than $50 per year. Total consumption in the US is more than 9 trillion dollars while in India it is less than 500 billion dollars. Labor costs are dirt cheap in India also. The difference in such costs is in the several thousands while you complain about an iphone priced at $600 with dirt cheap phone plans. You can get Tata Sky service for only $7 per month and that is the standard price. While Directv after promotional pricing ends will cost you $60 per month with taxes.

    • RD says:

      Salaries (other than IT professionals) also dirt cheap and still Indian’s not complaining. Especially when prices go up according to the IT professional salaries.

  12. sameer says:

    is it possible to use iphone in india which is bought from us?

  13. Nokia says:

    Nokia N93 has many other entertainment features. It has Bluetooth connectivity through which user can share any musical or video files with your friends. User can save unlimited phone book contacts in Nokia N93 mobile. It camera quality is pretty.

  14. Htc says:

    Ok, after using this phone for several months, its apparent it is competent at what it is designed to be… but; and I hate to say this, because I say it with a heavy heart, there is one; soooo big its tantamount to design incompetence, fault that its pretty much renders this phone a total waste of time.

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