Airtel Digital TV Offers DTH Satellite TV in India

Bharti Airtel Limited has launched Airtel digital TV, its Direct To Home (DTH) Satellite TV service that promises to redefine the digital home entertainment experience in 62 cities across India starting October 9, 2008.

Saif and Kareena Promote Airtel TVAirtel digital TV uses the latest MPEG4 standard with DVB S2 technology for exceptional picture clarity and high quality audio, and High Definition ready interactive content. They also claim a 20% larger dish antenna ensures better performance during rain. In addition Airtel digital TV introduces some great new features that will encourage DTH users of other services to switch.

  • Universal remote – that works for both Set Top Box and TV
  • Highest Set Top Box memory – meaning more interactive applications
  • World space Radio – integrated satellite radio for music fans
  • Interactive applications – iMatinee (Book cinema tickets), Travel (book travel packages), iShop (Shop on TV), iCity (Get city information)
  • High quality games – refreshed every 6 weeks
  • Audio gain control – ensures uniform audio levels across all channels
  • On screen account meter – keep track of monthly expenses
  • Last viewed channel – restored after power disruption/switch off
  • Low battery indicator – Time to recharge.

This will surely challenge the big Indian DTH players already in the market like Dish TV, Tata Sky and Big TV. I personally subscribe to Tata Sky, but some of the Airtel Digital TV features are really tempting.

35 comments on “Airtel Digital TV Offers DTH Satellite TV in India

  1. M.Rajamanickam says:

    Any one Have the channels List for Southern Packages from Airtel Digital TV, Plese send to me. I’m in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India.

  2. haneef bahrain says:

    which satallite coming in airtel digital tv

  3. Pralad Parajuli says:

    I like your new launching service.I want to take your service in Nepal. I also want to take your agent in Nepal. If it is possible.

  4. shashi says:

    its really nice for the young generation and will really help next generation in many aspects

  5. rajesh says:

    today i am going to take AIRTEL dish connection

    i requirst we need more south chanal like kannada
    telgu malayalam & tamil how to take more chanal in air tel pls guide me

  6. Prakash says:

    Which satellite you are using , any indian or other , please let me know

  7. siyam says:

    Please Any one Have the channels List for Sports Packages from Airtel Digital TV, Plese send to me.

  8. Deepesh says:

    I want to know which satellite is used by Airtel to transmit its channels
    For example DD Direct+ uses Insat4B
    Dish Tv used NSS6

  9. Deepesh says:

    Hi siyam

    Sports package has following channels on Airtel Digital TV

    Neo Plus – Neo Sports & Neo Cricket (Rs.30 P.M)
    Espn Plus – Star Sports,Star Cricket & ESPN (Rs.45 P.M)
    Ten Plus – Ten Sports (Rs.15 P.M)
    Zee Plus – Zee Sports (Rs.15 P.M)

  10. Syed M Saif says:

    I Puchased Airtel digital 0n 20-11-2008 with Rs.2000.00 and Subscription of Six Month Free @149 Super Hindi Pack.But Today message was displayed that the card is Corrupt and needs to be Recharged.After contacting Customer care i was Informed that Cable charges have been cahrged and I need to Recharge for Getting the Connection recactivated.
    This is toatl breach of Contarct as I was Informed that after paying 2000.00 I wil get set tip box and Subscription for Six month free than why is this hapenning.pls reply

  11. Deepesh says:

    Hi Syed M Saif

    Please call customer care no 18001028080 (Toll Free)
    I think you must not have been activated your account using activation voucher of Rs.2000 (which you must have got with the set top box) Just scrach the card & activate your account.
    your basic package will be activated for 6 months and then Airtel will activate the Hindi plus package for 6 Months
    After 6 months you would have the option to choose the package (Either to pay 99 for basic package or topay 149 for basic & hindi plus package)
    I hope this would solve your problem

  12. Murali says:

    Dear Sir, I have purchased Airtel DTH @Rs.2000/- one year free subscription. I have purchased only for seeing good quality picture and Animal Planet. When i purchased this DTH from the shop, they told me that we can add the above said channels by paying topup’s. After getting installation i have contacted the concern person, they simply telling that there is no topup available on this package. If they tell earlier, i would have purchased some other DTH. Also some waves has taken place which is also made complain to the concern, no action was taken on this. It is very bad situation. So Airtel higher official could look in to this matter and do the needful

  13. Murali says:

    have purchased Airtel DTH @Rs.2000/- one year free subscription. I need to add Discover, Animal Planet and National Geography Channel. But your personnel is telling that no topup is available on this pack. I need this channel compulsory, tell me in which way i will get this channel or whom should i contact to make a complaint on this.

  14. Nasih says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m from Maldives and Indian chennels are very famous in the Maldives. and I have seen some Airtel Dishes using in Male’ City.
    Can you please inform me how to purchase the Airtel Dish Antennas ??
    I’m very much interested in this.
    Thank you

  15. Ashim says:

    I just now came across this very cool site which compares different packages being offered by almost every DTH service provider. It has grouped all the channels into appropriate categories and clearly indicates which channel is available under which DTH package with its monthly subscription charges in a very easily comprehensible matrix form.
    Apart from the comparison feature the site offers another very useful feature in which the user just fills the details regarding his viewing interests and the budget according to which he gets an appropriate response from someone at tulna.
    This site saved me so much time in choosing the right package for myself that fit my budget and offered channels of my interest.
    Would really appreciate it if people who have used this website could share their experiences here.

  16. Sodhiq says:

    It’s a good quality service from air tel. I need to know if it is possible to sell it in Maldives through an agent in Maldives. If yes please let me know. because I am interested to sell it in Maldives with an understanding between Airtel and my company.

  17. G.Sasikumar says:

    I want airtel digital tv with 1 year subscription for Rs.2000/- pls confirm is this possible. Same like sundirect.

  18. Naresh Kant Salani says:

    Dear Sir,

    My friend has bought the Airtel setup box and have been using it in India but now he has brought it to Doha Qatar.We would like to install a dish for it, kindly let us know the name of Satellite it is pointed to and whta will be the size of Dish.

  19. mohan says:

    i need the chennai address for airtel digital set top box shop please reply me

  20. shintey says:

    Is it possible to use dish out of india, if so how can we pay mothly subscription.

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