Airtel Digital TV Offers DTH Satellite TV in India

Bharti Airtel Limited has launched Airtel digital TV, its Direct To Home (DTH) Satellite TV service that promises to redefine the digital home entertainment experience in 62 cities across India starting October 9, 2008.

Saif and Kareena Promote Airtel TVAirtel digital TV uses the latest MPEG4 standard with DVB S2 technology for exceptional picture clarity and high quality audio, and High Definition ready interactive content. They also claim a 20% larger dish antenna ensures better performance during rain. In addition Airtel digital TV introduces some great new features that will encourage DTH users of other services to switch.

  • Universal remote – that works for both Set Top Box and TV
  • Highest Set Top Box memory – meaning more interactive applications
  • World space Radio – integrated satellite radio for music fans
  • Interactive applications – iMatinee (Book cinema tickets), Travel (book travel packages), iShop (Shop on TV), iCity (Get city information)
  • High quality games – refreshed every 6 weeks
  • Audio gain control – ensures uniform audio levels across all channels
  • On screen account meter – keep track of monthly expenses
  • Last viewed channel – restored after power disruption/switch off
  • Low battery indicator – Time to recharge.

This will surely challenge the big Indian DTH players already in the market like Dish TV, Tata Sky and Big TV. I personally subscribe to Tata Sky, but some of the Airtel Digital TV features are really tempting.

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