Download Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition

Lavasoft Ad-Aware is a popular anti-spyware software that provides real-time protection against spyware, trojans, rootkits, hijackers, keyloggers etc. Now download Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition for free!

ad-aware-freeCelebrating 10 years of advanced malware detection, they have released Ad-Aware Anniversary Editions – Free, Plus (1 Year License $26.95), and Pro (1 Year License $39.95) versions, all of which provide comprehensive malware protection without burdening computer resources, and help you stay safe online.

Lavasoft AdAware Anniversary Edition promise to be significantly lighter and faster than previous versions. They use 74% less memory than Ad-Aware 2008, only uses 18% of the CPU during scans (which they say is much less than competitor products like AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, and PC Tools) and scans 36 MB per second which is like 4 times faster than AVG. See their comparative performance charts.

Download Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition now and protect your computer. Runs on Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), and Windows 2000 Pro. Old version users must know that after starting installation, the previous version (Ad-Aware 2008) will be automatically uninstalled before installing Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition.

I have been using Ad-aware for many years now on all computers and it is a must have antispyware software for any computer. You can give these new editions a try, after all its free…


  1. Daryl M. Ronquillo says:

    amazing, its free!!

  2. Deb says:

    I just downloaded this version and it uninstalled 2008. Now I can’t get it to work at all. Please help. I have shut off the firewall temporarily and it still didn’t work. Help

  3. Dennis Dayan says:

    I downloaded the Anniversary Edition after having enjoyed Adaware Plus for a couple of years. I can no longer download definition updates, even when I close the vista firewall.

    How do I go back and get these downloads?

    Dennis Dayan

  4. ray king says:

    Having installed Adaware Anniversary Edition, Free Version, Spybot no longer functions, the whole system is dreadfully slow, and I want rid of it. BUT-it defies all attempts to uninstall it. A good programme should ALWAYS be capable of easy uninstalling, but this beggars belief. The whole computer has changed for the worse, and this installation has wasted hours of my time, apart from the other side effects.I was offered no alternative, as it was installed by means of an update, which left no choice. This is certainly not the way to combat Spyware, gain new customers, or assist existng users.Sorry, Adaware, this is a duff installation, added to which there is no assistance from you for the free version.

  5. Ray Sedler says:

    I haven’t downloaded it yet I can’t make a comment yet

  6. colin spinks says:

    I downloaded the upgrade to the Anniversary and ran it. It (as expected) uninstalled my old version, then installed the new after a restart. I couldn’t get new definition files, even manually. I uninstalled on the control panel.
    Now : everytime I reboot the firewall is turned off….and (a bit grey about this) when I go for a site I am redirected…hmmm.

  7. Drita Daci says:

    Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition

  8. laura h says:

    I downloaded the Anniversary Edition and it won’t run. I accidentally managed to get updates to download (???), but the program itself won’t even open. Bummer. I’ve always thought well of AdAware and their software, and I hope they get their act together to fix whatever the problem is with this version.

  9. theresa torrence says:

    i have been used this for more than few yrs

  10. Don E. says:

    I have tried several times to download this software and nothing happens . Compoter is Windows XP and is 2 years old. I am connected to AT&T internet. There used to be a section to download the Free edition, but can’t seem to find this . Please Help

  11. penny says:

    i had adaware anniversary edition a while ago computer need redone lost its download have been trying to find it again.

  12. jerry couch says:

    i hope i do this right

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