Free Custom Twitter Background Designs

Want to make your Twitter profile page unique? Get a free custom Twitter background design to enhance your profile, establish your brand and gain more Twitter followers.

Twitter Image is offering free Free Custom Twitter Backgrounds to Twitter influencers, those popular tweeple who have at least 5000 Twitter followers. Remember you also need to allow them to place credit for on your background. Check out their gallery and it seems they have designed for many popular bloggers like @johnchow, @problogger, @chrispirillo, @chrisbrogan, etc.

problogger twitter backgroundThere are thousands of tweeple with over 5000 followers, so how do they decide? Fill the form and they will decide based on factors “such as the purpose of the background, the site that you link to, how often you tweet and about what, and the type of followers it’s likely that you have.”

If you can’t win a free Twitter background, order your custom Twitter background for $100 or use some free Twitter backgrounds to enhance your Twitter profile. They also run an affiliate program where referrers can earn 20% commissions.

Disclaimer – We have no financial interest in this service. We are not a member of this affiliate program.

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