Register Chinese Internet Keywords: Get China Web Traffic

Have you heard about Chinese Internet keywords? Chinese users can type a keyword in the web browser and be redirected to urls of those registered keywords. So if you manage to buy some popular internet keywords, you can direct lots of targeted traffic from China.

Chinese Internet Keywords

It was initiated by CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), the state network information center of China.

How do Internet keywords work? When a Chinese user types a keyword in the address bar in Chinese characters, the internet user is automatically redirected to the corresponding URL. This helps in faster web browsing without the need to type the whole url.

chinese internet keyword

This particularly works well for long complicated urls. Internet Keywords can be composed of Chinese characters, alphabets, number and symbols, but cannot exceed 31 characters. I recall a popular similar service RealNames which worked in association with Microsoft IE, but it shut down in 2002.

Registration is opened to companies as well as individuals. Chinese users first need to download the ‘Internet Keyword Client-End Software’, easily available with registrars and CNNIC, and then they can access any website that has an internet keyword registered. There are many CNNIC-accredited Internet Keyword registrars, both domestic and overseas, who will register internet keywords. Since the domestic internet keyword registrars are all Chinese, you can try the 2 officially listed international internet keywords registrars – IP Mirror and Webnic.

You cannot just register any internet keyword because you can afford to buy them. There are some basic rules –

1. You must already have an active website/URL for the Internet Keyword
2. The Internet Keyword must show relevance to the content of the URL
3. An applicant cannot register Internet Keywords with no legitimate right

Remember registration is not immediate, pending approval and audit by CNNIC and is approved usually in 3 – 5 working days.

What is the cost of internet keywords? Prices vary depending on the type of keyword. Here are some approximate prices.

Common Internet Keywords: US$ 50-69
Local Generic Words: US$ 299-345
Common Generic Words: US$ 599-690
Platinum Generic Words: US$ 1199-1380

Do you still register domain names only? Try registering Internet keywords and tap a whole new web audience. if you have registered internet keywords before, please share your experience in comments.

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