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Now all bloggers can publish their blog on the Amazon Kindle Blogs Store. Previously there was a tedious way by which bloggers could apply for Kindle Blogs, but most never got accepted. Now there is hope …

Kindle Amazon has launched Kindle Publishing for Blogs in beta, which is a fast track self publishing tool to upload your blog for sale on Kindle Store. Now webmasters and bloggers can create an account, login and then add blogs for publishing to the Kindle Store. After review, there are chances that your blog will be published in 48-72 hours (it could initially take longer because of the initial rush).

After creating an account, it is very simple to add a blog. They ask for all basic blog details, blog category, and then validate your blog feed. Be ready with images of your screenshot (min 800x600px), and masthead / banner / logo (max 430x50px). Save and preview your submission, hit publish and you are done.

kindle submit blog

How much will you earn? Amazon decides the rate which is usually $0.99 per month for most blogs, and some top blogs can draw upto $1.99 per month. Amazon will share 30% subscription revenue with you. So even if you get thousands of subscribers, the monthly earnings will be little. Moreover, you get paid by check ($8 processing fee for US) or electronic bank transfer (in US only).

So why add blog to Kindle Store? Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary wireless readers and as more people buy the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX, more blogs will be bought and downloaded over time. Getting listed in the Kindle Blogs Store will give your blog more exposure in the long run and also allow Kindle readers to read your blog if they want to.

Update: Now you can read Quick Online Tips on Kindle blogs.


  1. skykid says:

    Thank for your article. Followed your instructions and just “published” – my blog to Amazon. However as you wrote in my case this is rather exposure decision than a money maker. Amazon seem to have very limited methods for payment – check or a banking account in the US. What if you don`t live in the US ? At the same time they allow you to register as a foreign national …I wish they used Pay Pal or at least their own vouchers for payments in this program.

  2. John Smith says:

    Exposure is one thing but only 30% of the money? That means they are keeping 70% of the profit when your doing 100% of the work. Not exactly a great deal for anyone involved other than Amazon. Even the Kindle owner is getting the shaft paying for a blog they would get free online because they are locked into Amazon’s portable cash machine.

  3. venkat says:

    Is it safe to submmit all personal information of a bloger including address.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I think personal info should be safe with Amazon. To sign up for payments you would have to reveal factual information.

  4. Missy says:


    What about the clause where Amazon states that the blogs submitted have to be in text-only mode and carry no ads, affiliate links or social media buttons?

    What blog is text-only, with no video and no ads? Certainly none of mine. LoL. I just read this today on another blog and am now wondering if I should remove my blog from the Kindle blog store.

    What say you?

    • Mark says:


      Keep in mind that Amazon is getting the blog posts from your RSS/Atom feed. So you can have all this stuff on your blog, but as long as your feed is free of these things, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

      And I don’t think it has to be “text-only” either. Images in the blog posts are showing up just fine.

  5. File Rename Guy says:

    Is this open to international publishers or just the US??

  6. babu says:

    dear skykid,
    how you know they accept foreign nationals . They need US Bank account how that can be possible for us who lives in India. Please could you clear your point????

    • skykid says:

      I am using the Amazon affiliate program – but have selected to be paid with their discount vouchers . I don`t have a US banc account – but for the vouchers you don`t need one. Thing is that after that you will have to use them on the site yourself, unless you find a friend who will be wiling to give you their face value so he can use them

  7. Mohammad Waheed says:

    Thank you for the article. I just used the information to publish my blog to kindle. It is under pending for now, but I hope they will approve it soon.

    • nvr says:

      Hi ,

      Just 2 days back I have published my blog on kindle , now its status is “Pending Approval ” .I have one doubt regarding blog review .My publication’s frequency is daily but i have submitted my feed 2 days back and not updated my feed’s data .Is it be a problem if i did not update the data daily as my publications frequency is daily .I mean as my blog will be under review for 7 days , if i did not update the blog’s data every day will my blog be disapproved ?
      Can eneyone please clarify my doubt.

      • QuickOnlineTips says:

        They will look at the overall blog quality. Many bloggers publish once a week, but the content is great and is what matters finally.

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