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Check Your Google Safe Browsing Page for Malware

Google has a Safe Browsing diagnostic page for every site on the web where they provide detailed information about malware warnings and scripting exploits to protect web surfers from online threats. Have you checked your site Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page?

The Safe Browsing page basically answers 4 questions about any site –

  1. What is the current listing status for
  2. What happened when Google visited this site?
  3. Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
  4. Has this site hosted malware?

Here is a sample malware report spotted by Google at

Simply replace domain name with your domain to check your site.

google malware page

Check what your site’s Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page looks like. It could help you find malware, malicious software, trojans etc hosted on your site, which you never knew about. Sometimes Google does mark all websites with malware warnings, but that is rare!


  1. john rohling says:

    Ik kan deze niet meer openen door malware.Kan u mij helpen?

  2. sun says:

    hey man it’s new system that can monitor your suffering pages on internet
    do u believe me !!!
    google is more than 1 word !!!!

  3. Gustavo Figueroa says:

    check this site please..

  4. Dottie Rappaport says:

    This is the information given to me when I got a pop up to visit your Google Safe Browsing Site….(after i became aware that my account information on Care2 had been erased) by someone other than myself…
    “The website you are visiting appears to contain malware. Malware is malicious software that may harm your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Your computer can be infected just be browsing to a site with malware, without action on your part. For detailed information about problems found on this site, or a portion of this site, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for

    ” Ignore Warning” “Go Back”

  5. rebecca wood says:

    when i tried to go to it, a warning came up about malware infection at that site. please tell me what i can do to get rid of it. i have no idea. thanks.

  6. Rahul Gupta says:

    This is a great idea. I’d expect my antivirus software would tell me if I was visiting one of my sites and something was wrong, but probably only if I was on the affected page.

    Just checking my sites out now.

  7. Rosy says:

    I just tested on f\of my site, it its give some shocking report form me.

    “What happened when Google visited this site?
    Google has not visited this site within the past 90 days.”

    It say google has not visited this site in past 90 day, but I know it is always crawl by Google daily.

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