10 Best Sites to Create Your Own Free Ringtones

Want to convert your mp3 to ringtones? There are several reasons people use different ringtones for. For instance, to distinguish between different callers, for the joy of music or just for fun. Different cell phones use different formats. So you need to research what file formats are supported on your phone, before you proceed to create the sound file. Following are some cool sites to create your own ringtone.

  1. Zedge – This site enables you to upload your own mp3 music and create unique free ringtones on the fly. You can also download free ringtones of popular and latest songs.
  2. Audiko – It allows you upload a song directly from your PC or a URL and then clip the part of the song you want to set as a ringtone. You can download the ringtone as an mp3, .amr or for iPhone. You can even put the ringtones on your blog and share with friends.
  3. Mp3mer – Here you will find a marker tool to set range and ringtone duration. Mp3mer enables you to change the sound quality and filters if needed. Other effects which can be added to the ringtone include fade in/out, bass, treble, chorus, echo etc.
  4. Mobicious – Choose any 20 seconds of your MP3 file to make it into a ringtone and send it to your mobile.
  5. Mobiles24 – This site allows you to create and download latest and top ringtones. ‘Request your name ringtone’ feature is also available here.
  6. MakeOwnRingtone – The unique feature of this web application is that it offers a wide range of uploadable formats like MMF, AAC, MP3, MP4, QCP, OGG. The created ringtone can be either sent to your mobile or as an mail.
  7. Cellsea – This site enables you to upload a file that you want to create as ringtone and then you can choose the start/end time, sound quality, length etc. Supported file formats are mp3, mp4, m4A, flv, midi, aac, ogg, wav, aiff, wma etc.
  8. Playscreen – You can create your own original ringtones here and sell ringtones o earn some bucks.
  9. MyxerTones – The site provides with ringtones of various categories like alerts and alarms, rock, jazz, popular artists, comedy etc. It allows you easily customize the ringtone and send it to a phone. You can also download ringtones to your iPhone.
  10. ToneBee – This site enables you to create a ringtone in just 3 simple steps. Upload your mp3 file, create a ringtone and download it to your phone.

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  1. Brent Patton says:

    Cool thnks man you ROCK!

  2. Nivea says:

    For me, Mp3mer is the best converter. Thank you for sharing.

  3. 121 says:

    for the mp3mer and makeownringtone website it saves as a movie…? is dat suppose to happen? it loads up as quicktime but i cant seem to get it becuz i dont have the pro version.HELP!

  4. 888 says:

    Zedge has a 10mb cap size limit on what you can upload, and good luck finding any music thats less than that.

  5. R_E says:

    Myxer has always worked wonderfully for me. The description above is inaccurate – users can make and download ringtones to almost all phones (excepting prepaid), not just iPhones! I have been using Myxer with my LG phones for years without a problem.

  6. Beautiful Women : says:

    ther are lots of free ringtone sites on the internet if you just keep on searching on google:*~

  7. kTea says:

    Mp2mer is the best ringtone maker. I can’t believe its free and even no any registration!

  8. SaraP says:

    I’ve used mobilespin.net to make free ringtones for my iPhone. That’s also a good site for making ringtones

  9. Ben Guild says:

    http://mobile17.com is better than all of these! It’s the original online ringtone maker….

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