12 Easy Ways to Extend Mobile Phone Battery Life

How to increase your mobile phone battery life? Most of the modern mobile phones come with good batteries, which last for years if used according to the manufacturer instructions. Nowadays most of the mobile phones can support various applications and programs that are useful to us. However, we must note that these applications are energy hungry and use up the battery power faster, adding to this, most of the people ignore to turn off some of the functions in the mobile phone that use power.

Usually modern lithium-ion battery can power your phone for days in standby mode but all the unwanted applications and functions drain battery power quickly, decreasing the efficiency of the battery and its lifespan. To improve your battery’s performance and its lifespan, following are some simple and handy tips.

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Extend Mobile Phone Battery Life

  1. Turn-off wireless connection like Wi-Fi if you are not using them. Most of the people leave Wi-Fi on even in the areas where there is no Wi-Fi network.
  2. Nowadays third generation phones are making their presence in the market. Mobile devices like iPhone 3G, Blackberry and other models have a 3G feature that is useful for fast browsing experience. Turn off 3G feature if you do not use it or if there is no 3G service. You can still browse internet using the GPRS and EDGE services with your phone.
  3. Vibrating alert is another big power hungry feature in the mobile phone. Using vibrating alert is good when you are in meetings or in a library, otherwise you can turn off vibrating alert. Moreover, there is no need of keypad tones and you can reduce ringing volume of the phone if you are not working in a sound polluted environment.
  4. Your mobile phone display also uses lot of power to illuminate. Reduce screen brightness to the lowest level possible where you can see things on the screen clearly. Moreover, all the phones have this time out feature: set the display light out time to low values such that the display will turn off quickly after your use.
  5. Keep your phone screen as simple as possible, using screensavers and animated wallpapers may look pretty but you must remember that they use up the battery power to stay running. If you want your battery to last longer, then you can turn off screensavers and stick to a simple wallpaper.
  6. In most of the smart phones, you can load number of applications and utilize them. Terminate applications as soon as you finished working on them. Pressing end key does not terminate the application, they still remain running in the background using up the battery power. You can see all the background applications running on your phone by long pressing the menu key and terminate all the applications that you do not need.
  7. Games are other power hungry applications, they use lot of power and most of the games do not allow the screen to dim or turn off. Play games less to save more on the battery. Even listening to songs and radio on the phone also uses lot of power. So think before you start playing games or listening to songs if you are on low battery.
  8. If your phone supports automatic updates of emails or browser then change the update intervals let us say every 1 hour or so to save more on the battery power. Try using few email accounts and disable automatic update feature if you do not really need it.
  9. Network coverage in another important factor that comes into picture when speaking about battery power. If your phone is in weak network coverage area or in no network area then switch off your phone or keep it in the flight mode to save on the battery. In the less or no network area phone uses lot of battery power to stay connected or to establish a connection with the network.
  10. Turn off BlueTooth when you are not using it. Most of the people ignore to turn off BlueTooth even if they are not using any BlueTooth devices.
  11. Recharge your battery every now and then to ensure that all the electrons in the battery move freely. Modern Lithium-ion batteries work well even if you recharge them before they discharge completely but it is good habit to recharge it after three fourth of the battery is discharged. This will not only improve battery’s performance but also improves its lifespan.
  12. Avoid over heating of the battery to prevent damage to the mobile phone and to the battery. Keep your phone away from the direct Sun heat and any other radiations. Your phone battery works fine in the temperature range of 10 – 35 C.

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