10 Useful Small Softwares for Free Download

Need some free small software? Download Size: 35 MB! Does this line make you think twice before downloading a software? These days, many softwares have grown large and people on slow internet connections have to spend a lot of time to download them. For example, OpenOffice.org is a good alternative to MS Office but it is 300 MB + in size! It will take around 6-7 hours on a normal dial-up connection to download it.

Free Small Light Software

In this post, I will introduce you to 10 softwares that are small, lightweight (in terms of download size as well as system requirements) and Free!

  1. XMPlay Audio Player: XMPlay does not have fancy skins like Winamp! It does not support loads of audio formats. So, why am I mentioning it here? Because of its download size! It’s just a 305 KB (Yes, that’s “KB”). There is no setup, just unzip and play. It can remember last played song, playlists and equalizer settings. It also supports plugins and skins that you can get from official site. Download XMPlay.
  2. Opera: Opera is not just a browser, it’s a complete web suite. In just 6.6 MB download, you get a full fledged Web Browser, Mail Client, RSS Feed Reader, Chat Client, Download Manager, Notes Manager, Opera Link (Online Synchronizing Tool for Bookmarks, Notes and Speed Dial) and a lot more. For slow connections, Opera 10 also has Turbo feature. It can speed up loading of web pages by compressing the images and scripts. Download Opera.
  3. Free Download Manager: As name suggests, FDM is a Free Download Manager! It uses multiple connections to download files faster and has support for BitTorrent, YouTube video downloading and FTP. Download size is6.39 MB. Download FDM.
  4. Miranda IM – Miranda is a multi protocol chat client that supports most major services like GTalk, Yahoo! Chat and MSN among many others. You can extend it easily with add-ons. Download size is 2 MB. Download Miranda
  5. AbiWord: AbiWord is a small and lightweight text processor. It is a good alternative to Microsoft Word and supports .doc (MS Word) and .odf (Open Office) formats among many others. The download size is 5.6 MB. Download AbiWord.
  6. IrfanView: IrfanView is a light image editor that is only 1.3 MB download. You can easily convert images to different formats, perform basic fixes to photographs and crop and resize them. Download IrfanView.
  7. BlogDesk: BlogDesk is a free offline blog editor that supports most major blog platforms (except Blogger.com). It also supports basic image editing.  Download BlogDesk.
  8. Foxit PDF Reader: Foxit Reader is a great alternative to Adobe Reader. It also uses less resources. Download Size is 5 MB. Download Foxit Reader.
  9. CCleaner: CCleaner helps in keeping your computer clean by removing useless Registery Keys. It also lets you manage Start Up programs. It is just 3.2 MB download. Download CCleaner.
  10. IOBit Smart Defrag: This software automatically defragments regularly used files when your computer is idle. You can also manually defrag your files and folders. Download Size is 2.98 MB. Download IOBit Smart Defrag.

These were 10 small softwares that can help you a lot. If you have any suggestions or similar softwares that can be easily downloaded on slow connections – Please tell us through comments.

Guest post by Ishan Sharma, who blogs about blogging tips and resources on Blogging With Success blog at bloggingwithsuccess.net. You can also write a guest article and share your favorite software.

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