Add RSS Cloud to WordPress: Push Updates to RSS Readers

A new development called RSS Cloud promises to push your blog updates to supported RSS aggregators and feed readers instantly and give real time updates. With announcing support of its 7.5 million blogs to this feature, the blogosphere needs to wake up and incorporate this feature.

What happens now? When you publish your WordPress article, the feed is updated, you ping various blog tracking services and RSS aggregators using one click pinging services (which is most commonly Pingomatic in WordPress), or using modified WordPress ping lists. But the whole process gives a lag of few minutes to an hour depending how quickly your article is grabbed by these services (though we often noticed instant updates in Google reader)

RSS Cloud promises a way for people to get push notification that your feed has updated. Which basically means that as soon as your article is published, all supported RSS services will grab the article instantly. NO waiting.

So has the action started? Currently only 1 RSS reader called River2 supports the feature. With lending support, you can be sure that most RSS aggregating and blog tracking services will have support for RSS cloud in a few weeks. Google Reader had begun a limited implementation of a related protocol called PubSubHubbub last month. Here is the Implementor’s guide to rssCloud.

You can now spot this code in feeds

<cloud domain='' port='80' path='/?rsscloud=notify' registerProcedure='' protocol='http-post' />

How can WordPress self hosted bloggers get RSS Cloud? Joesph Scott has created the RSS Cloud WordPress plugin which will do it automatically for you, till the next version of WP supports the tag.

More exciting news is expected after the rssCloud Meetup 2.0 on Wednedsay September 9, 7-9PM at 110 South Hall on the UC-Berkeley campus.

Update: So I added RSS cloud support to QOT using the plugin above and now find this code attached to our RSS feeds.

 <cloud domain='' port='80' path='/archives/?rsscloud=notify' registerProcedure='' protocol='http-post' />

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.