WordPress 2.9 Gets Basic Image Editing

Did you know basic image editing is expected in WordPress 2.9! Though the WordPress 2.9 Codex does not reveal many new features, other than Revision of upload and media stuff and Revised admin settings screens, someone found it out.

WordPress Tavern decided to install the test versions of WordPress 2.9 on his blog and found some cool basic image editing tools like crop, rotate, flip, undo, redo, buttons. There is also a facility to scale images to custom sizes. You can check them playing with the new WordPress buttons in this video.

Though the image editing tools are pretty basic, it is an excellent start and will definitely be very useful for bloggers who use images very frequently. Now lets see if it actually makes it to the final release.

7 comments on “WordPress 2.9 Gets Basic Image Editing

  1. Jeffro says:

    Thanks for the link and embedding the screencast I produced. It’s worth mentioning that until WordPress 2.9 hits beta, the image editing is likely to change, perhaps radically. For this reason, I’ve pretty much given up on writing about future features until I know for sure it will be in the next version.

  2. Jonny says:

    That is what we want, u know it is really annoying to use photoshop for these photos, now it will be easy to do.

  3. Samantha Milner says:

    Thanks for this!!!

    I wasnt aware of this new feature and cant wait to give it a try. I must spend hours messing around with my images and this is great.

    kind regards


  4. Lee | Money4Invest.Com says:

    Wow! I’m not aware of wordpress 2.9. In fact, I just upgraded to wordpress version 2.8.4. However, it seems the new version got some basic image editing tools which I think are suitable to me as I use lots of images in my blog.

  5. Jeff Bode says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait for WordPress 2.9 it’s about time they add more image capabilities, I also think they need to add more video features, because I do a lot of video blogging -it’s great to communicate with my blog visitors better.

  6. Mark - Best Fertilizer says:

    When does this come out? This is pretty nice, considering that opening and running Photoshop just to rotate a simple image is a pain. Now all they need is an advanced image editer ;p

    Maybe for wordpress 3.9 eh? I dream.

  7. Sarasota marketing says:

    WordPress just keeps on getting better an better. WordPress is example of open source done right.

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