Firefox Browser Turns 5!

Firefox is now 5 years old and preparations are on to celebrate the Firefox 5th Birthday. Its amazing how a new browser born in 2004, has broken all records and emerged as the most popular browser across the world.

Firefox 5 Years Old!

Join the Light the World contest and post a photo or video of your project to Flickr with the tag ‘Firefox5’. The best photos and videos will be rewarded with cool Firefox swag.

You can also create a poster design that will help spread the word about and rally the Firefox community around Firefox’s 5th birthday. The winning design will be featured on Mozilla websites and merchandise, and the winning artist will be highlighted on the Creative Collective homepage and the Mozilla Blog.

It is interesting to read how the web has changed over the last five years and Firefox’s role in those changes. [Photo credits:Christopher]


  1. David Walker says:

    Happy Fifth birthday Firefox; you’re a big boy now! Firefox has certainly changed browsing for the better… anybody remember IE? It’s a no-brainer as to why it’s so popular and Firefox has been my default browser for years. I’ll try the video..not much wrong can go there :)and I’d be happy with the swag.

  2. Relisha Frethoila says:

    I had difficulties reading this post with my iphone, why?

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