3 Key Benefits of Buying Expired Domain Names

What are the benefits of buying Expired Domain Names?  There are hundreds of expired domains that become available for sale every day and in most cases the reason they are for sale is because the registered owners have failed to renew them for any number of reasons.

Some reasons could include that the owner has forgotten to re-register the domain, or more simply the owner simply does not want the domain any longer or the domain once belonged to a business that has since closed down or gone into liquidation and an $8 domain name will be the last thing on their mind!

Buying Expired Domain Names

When a domain name is not re-registered by the owner it will expire and will then be considered an “expired domain”.

Domainers (people who buy and sell domains for a profit) are constantly scanning these lists of expired domains looking for hidden gems. It is therefore no surprise that bloggers and internet marketers are also tapping into the potential of expired domain names to buy and use for building their own websites.

One site where you can find expiring domains on a daily basis is Freshdrop.net


Freshdrop pulls in data feeds of expired domains from well known domain auction houses across the internet. These include SnapNames, Afternic, Sedo and Dynadot to name a few. Freshdrop organizes these data feeds and lists the expired domain names in an organized fashion on their site.

The other well known site that you can find lists of expiring domain names is auctions.godaddy.com (The Domain Name After Market). TDNAM is a popular auction site where you can bid for expired domain names.

3 main reasons for buying expired domain names:

1) Backlinks

You will find that expired domains often have a number of links from various places around the web. As I mentioned earlier, some expired domain names are listed in the DMOZ directory and/or the Google and Yahoo directory. These are strong links which Google looks fondly upon and if you were to build a site on the domain concerned then it will most likely help your search engine rankings.

2) Profit

Profit is one of the key incentives which interests people in looking at buying expired domain names. For example domains with pagerank, age, and strong backlinks are considered very desirable and can be sold to a wide range of people (businesses, internet marketers, and bloggers for example) who are in search of a domain name which they can build a site on.

3) Building a website on the expired domain

I have found in my experience that building a website on the expired domain is one of the main reasons people consider buying expired domain names. You will find that pagerank, age, backlinks as well as reputation normally take years to accumulate. If you are fortunate to be able to buy an expired domain name that already has these factors, the website you build on the expired domain will (or should) therefore have a distinct advantage over other newer sites built around the same niche.

These days when I look through lists of expired domains I concentrate solely on looking for a hidden gem that I can either resell for a profit or build into a website to generate income.

There will always be some exceptional expired domain names that can be sourced and found from the expired domain lists, however you need to be aware that there are also a great deal of low quality expired domain names sitting in the same pool. It is undoubtedly a skill and in some ways an art to be able to uncover the hidden gems waiting to be found.

Guest author Brandon Walker was an accomplished domainer, and now specializes in internet marketing and how to generate income from working online. You can learn more about domains and internet marketing by visiting his site: Foxmarketer.com. You can also write a guest article and share your expert tips and experience with our readers.

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