Display Your Photo on New York City Times Square

Kodak is letting you display your photo on the New York City Times Square on the huge digital display on the 50-yard line of the Crossroads of the World.

kodak times square displayKodak says the digital display is now networked and an app will let you to share your picture on the sign and the cool part about it is that you control when it shows up. Times Square is a popular symbol of New York City and is famous for its spectacular, animated, digital advertisements on tall skyscraper buildings. View Times Square Live right now on Earthcam.

You start by emailing a photo of your choice to kodak@aerva.com, get a confirmation e-mail, then an approval email, and then text a specific code to display your picture on the Kodak billboard sign whenever there is a next opportunity. Read full instructions. If you are in NYC, you can visit Times Square on New Year Eve and show your photo right then, but I guess those slots would be already taken.

Here is a video of Times Square on New Year eve 2009.


  1. Aminul Islam Sajib says:

    Great opp for those wanting to advertise themselves. :lol:

  2. Nick Roland says:

    the link to earth cam still works and is a great view over time square from an angle you don’t usually see.

    are Kodak doing the promotion again this year?

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